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Updated May 10th, 2022

Whaller is a platform that is constantly evolving (we update it functionally more than 3 times a week, and currently every day). The features and improvements listed on this "roadmap" page are to be seen as adaptable and not fixed.

At Whaller, we have always built our product with our users, and our customers. The 3 releases per week are short iterative cycles that allow us to take your suggestions into account, sometimes very quickly. Do not hesitate to write to us and share your ideas on or via our online support.

Projects in development

Web application :

Possibility to filter results by author from the unified search engine,
Creation of forms,
Possibility to share a file externally,
Redesign of the CMS management page,
Creation of two new widgets: carousel and weather,
Implementation of a rich text editor (RTE) in the creation of new messages,
Adding an interface for managing the permissions of an organization's spheres by a manager,
Sphere permissions via roles,
Display all sub-organizations of a federation as a map.

Mobile application:

Ergonomic improvements to messages and conversations,
Ability to respond to comments,
Access to all CMS articles of an organization,
Possibility to take a survey.

And always: improvements of interfaces, paths, existing features.

Prioritized projects and features* Web application

Web application:

Filter unread messages,
Creation of a home page for the management pages,
Front-end redesign of the mini profile,
Adding a space for managing and editing scheduled publications for administrators,
Suggestion of tags in the spheres,
Redesign of message cards (surveys, tasks, events, gifts, classifieds),
Creation of a complete "Sphere Directory" page accessible from an organization's portal,
Profile status and "do not disturb" mode,
"Store" application for managers and administrators.

Survey improvements:

Be able to edit a survey after the fact,
Be able to edit the labels of satisfaction questionnaires,
Be able to not publish results to members,

Add an image in an answer proposed in a survey (multiple choice).
Redesign of the root page of
R&D: End-to-end encryption of spheres:
Creation of a complete end-to-end encryption protocol, on the client side of the information shared in the spheres, without any trusted third party ("Zero Trust" policy), with peer-to-peer transmission of secrets.
Telephony: Possibility to join a BBB videoconference via a phone call

Cybersecurity options:

Automatic deactivation of an account after xx days,
Mandatory validation of the modification of an email address by the administrator,
Reporting of emails that have returned a message from a non-existent recipient.

Mobile application:

The Whaller application appears in the sharing options of a phone
Deep linking mechanisms: when clicking on a link in a sphere, message, invitation, etc. from an email, the Whaller application opens.
Integration of a viewer for uploaded videos
Unified search engine

*These priorities are not "contractual" and vary according to several criteria, in particular: we always prioritize developments financed by our customers.

Updated on: 10/05/2023

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