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What is a CMS?

What is a CMS?

The CMS (Content Management System) is a tool integrated into Whaller as part of the options for organizations (available from the Business offer). It allows you to personalize your internal and external portals with text, images, etc. 

It can be accessed in the organization administration pages:

via the gear icon

on the organization portal

Only organization managers and CMS editors can modify and create pages.

Once on the CMS page, the list of articles is displayed.  

Create a new page

To add a new page in your CMS, click on the " New article " button. Enter a title and select the parent article if necessary.

You will then be redirected to an editing space for your page. You can write the text, format it and attach images.  

Once the article is created and finalized, simply save and publish it. Otherwise, it will stay in the drafts and will not be visible. 

If it's the main article for your internal or external portal, you must define it as such. To do this, return to the list of articles and click on the "**Actions**" button, then select the suitable option.

When you return to your organization portal, the page that you have just created will be displayed. 

Create a hierarchy

There are two ways to create sub-articles: 

On the main page of the CMS, by clicking on the " New article " button, then selecting the parent page

From the modification of the parent page, by clicking on the " Create a sub-article " button in the right column

Set up a menu

Menus are automatically put in place according to the defined hierarchy.

Other options

On an internal portal it is possible to display the list of spheres on pages other than the homepage. Check the box to validate this option. A contact form can be displayed on an external portal page. An email will be sent to organization managers when someone uses it.  

Attribute rights

Organization managers and CMS editors can modify the CMS. To allow another organization member to create and edit pages, without having the right to manage the organization, you must name them "editor". 

To do so, go to the " Members " page and click on the " Actions " button, then select the option " Add to CMS editors "). The person is now part of the editors. To remove this right, simply select " Remove from CMS editors ".

Order articles

If you would like to, you can change the order of articles. To do this, simply go to the editing section of an article or sub-article, then the publication section, and click on the button next to " Position " to change the position.

Share a CMS article in a sphere

There are two ways to share a CMS article in a sphere:

In the message writing field: Click on the Markdown option, then use the " Insert a link to an article " icon.

From your organization portal: Go to the article that you would like to share, then click on the " Share in a sphere " button.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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