When connected to Whaller, you will note that there is a header bar, present on all pages. 

The "My spheres" menu (on the left) lets you access all of your spheres directly. The number next to each sphere indicates the number of unread messages (Total in the title, then in detail per sphere)    

Header bar icons explained (from left to right) 

  • "My spheres": view your spheres

  • Search for a person

  • Return to the "root" (main) page 

  • View invitation notifications

  • Create an organization

  • Create a sphere

  • Invite someone

  • View your personal account menu

When you click on your avatar (your photo if you uploaded it), a menu will open, giving you access to your account settings:  

  • The number of Whallies earned (Whaller's virtual currency) 

  • Your profile

  • Your account settings

  • Access to the Shop, where you can purchase goodies with your Whallies

  • Access to the badges you've obtained

  • Close the session or close all sessions (several computers/devices)

What is the difference between "Close this session" and "Close all sessions"? 

  • Close this session: Close Whaller on the computer that you are using.

  • Close all sessions: Close Whaller on all devices (tablet, smartphone, computers,...) where a session was open. This is especially useful if you are using a shared computer, or if you left someplace without checking if you closed your session.              



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