Create a message

You're signed up, logged in and connected to your contacts in a sphere?
It's time to send your first message! 

  • Click on the sphere where you'd like to publish your message
  • Enter your message in the window near the top of your screen ("Write a new message") 
  • Click on the button "Share in 'Name of sphere' "  

You can also share a message quickly by using the shortcut "ctrl + enter" on Windows, or "⌘ + enter" on Mac.

Only the people connected in the sphere, and whose names are visible in the right hand column, under the "Members" band will see your message. 

Reply to a message

In the sphere where you received a message, click on "Comment" under the message that you wish to reply to. Type your message then click "Share".

Who will see my reply?

  • All the sphere members that you and the person you are messaging with have in common.






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