Updated April 18, 2020

Whaller is a platform that is constantly evolving (we update it functionally more than 3 times a week, and currently every day). The features and improvements listed on this "roadmap" page are to be seen as adaptable and not fixed. 

This page also aims to list the projects, features and improvements that have been made on Whaller over the past four years. 

At Whaller, we have always built our product with our users, and our customers. The 3 releases per week are short iterative cycles that allow us to take your suggestions into account, sometimes very quickly. Do not hesitate to write to us and share your ideas on contact@whaller.com or via our online support.

Projects in development

Web application:

  • Interface performance
  • Strengthening security

Mobile application:

  • Video conferencing 
  • Invitation of members
  • Possibility to mention groups
  • Display of sphere and organization calendars
  • Sorting spheres by “sphere families”
  • Display of surveys in messages

And as always: improvements to interfaces, user experience, existing features.

Prioritized projects and features*

Web application:

  • Ability to download the entire contents of a sphere / organization as an archive
  • Creation of a personal Kanban grouping together all the tasks of a member of a Premium organization)
  • Chat: creation of conversations that are not linked to spheres
  • Webex integration (events and video conferencing)
  • End-to-end encryption of messages
  • Box integration (in document sharing and sphere box)
  • Exporting files from a sphere box to a Zip archive
  • Indexing of spheres in ElasticSearch (Internal Search Engine), and consequences: faster display of organization portals (especially if there are a lot of spheres), etc.
  • Reactions: possibility to react to messages with emojis (extension of likes)
  • Being able to reactivate a request for entry
  • Third-party integrations: being able to share Dropbox, etc.
  • "Whaller" extension for Chrome
  • Power-up Trello

Mobile application:

  • Display quizzes in messages
  • Signup path
  • Network creation path
  • Connection via Google and Microsoft
  • Profile page

Other planned projects

  • Filiation links (for networks of family associations)
  • Navigate between unread messages
  • Improvements to the CMS
  • Links between documents attached to messages and documents in sphere boxes
  • Profile completion indicator

*These priorities are not "contractual" and vary according to several criteria, in particular: we always prioritize the developments financed by our customers.

Projects and improvements developed

April 2020

Web application:  

  • Addition of a "visitors" icon on spheres accessible to visitors
  • Improvement of the UI of registration and login forms
  • Modification of the business rules for spheres accessible to visitors (impossible to make them global, open, etc.)
  • Temporary blocking for 30 minutes (instead of permanent blocking) of users who have tried to log in with the wrong password 5 times
  • In a federation: inheritance of offers, and a number of "top-down" options
  • Creation of a federation management page
  • Correction of the bug that turned some images 🙈
  • Video player update (with the possibility to detach the video in the foreground)
  • Agglomeration of analytics in a federation

March 2020

Web application:

  • Add BigBlueButton (BBB) as a video conferencing option, these instances are stored on the Whaller infrastructure
  • BBB as a default in school organizations 
  • Launch of FULL REMOTE offer

February 2020

 Web application: 

  • Release of new Pro, Business and Enterprise offers
  • POC of connection with Atlassian (JIRA and Confluence). Those who would like to test can write to us!
  • POC of integration of SAP Cloud
  • Review of all transactional email texts

January 2020

Infrastructure: all Whaller servers (data and service) migrated to OVHcloud in Roubaix (France). 

Web application:

  • Reinforcement of security options: password policy, automatic disconnections after inactivity, etc.
  • Integration of meet.jit.si as a choice for video conferencing 

December 2019

(Work on client platforms)

November 2019

 Web application:

  • Display of organizations in the same federation in an arborescent manner on the "root" page and in the "My Spheres" menu
  • When a temporary message is commented on, it becomes permanent
  • Temporary password renewal URL

October 2019

 Web application:

  • Management of cookie preferences for users (GDPR)
  • GDPR & Privacy by Design: By default, fields in a user's enhanced profile should be set to "Unpublished"
  • Make the blurring of private messages optional
  • Launch of the new Whaller Help Center: https://help.whaller.com/ 
  • Add the names of authors to articles

September 2019

Web application:

  • Connection of the sphere box to OneDrive
  • The user now has the choice to delete documents they deposited in a sphere Box when they leave (GPDR)

August 2019

Web application:

  • Restructuring of organization settings
  • Premium Option that allows managers to validate the creation of new spheres (Sphere creation workflow)

July 2019

Web application:

  • Change in provider for transaction emails. From Mandrill (US) to Sendinblue (France) (GPDR)
  • Blurred private messages

Mobile application:

  • Correction of duplicate messages sent

June 2019

White Label site (GATE)

  • Creation of the possibility to have a white label site for an organization or federation network (code name: GATE)
  • Personalization of the header
  • Personalization of the footer
  • Design of a white label "root" page of a site, with the side navigation bar 
  • Ability to play shared videos automatically 
  • Creation of a stronger confidentiality option in order to not show one's full name to the entire network 

Web application:

  • Addition of a premium option: "Use badges"

Mobile application:

  • Creation of the possibility to have a white label mobile application (realized first for France Télévisions)

May 2019

Web application:

  • Possibility to share GIFs in spheres and comments
  • Add a publication end date for programmed messages
  • Premium organization option to hide Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 shares 
  • Addition of Markdown shortcuts for level 2 and 3 titles
  • Addition of a Premium option to disable scratch-off messages
  • Addition of the ability to choose a native emoji from a selector 🎉
  • Ability to export participants to an event 
  • Sphere creation workflow (validated by an organization manager), available for Premium
  • Ability to cancel an entry request from the "root" page

April 2019

Web application:

  • Drag & drop tasks in sphere Kanban
  • Display the Kanban in a new tab
  • Remove the integration of Facebook videos in spheres to not have Facebook cookies on Whaller 
  • Authorize the creation of public isolated spheres
  • Highlight the visio-sphere (under sphere members)

Mobile application:

  • Possibility to share videos from the app
  • Display ads in messages
  • Possibility to copy text from a message or comment
  • Possibility to copy a URL open in Whaller

March 2019

Web application:

  • Ambassador program improvements (Podium, possibility to earn Illicado gift cards)
  • Improvement of message display performance, especially when data is outsourced to a proprietary server (see Data outsourcing offer) 
  • GPDR: Logging all Whaller ADMIN actions
  • Organization Federations: When adding an organization as a "child", its members are added automatically to "parent" organizations
  • Establishment of an IdP server allowing the installation of a "Whaller Connect" button on third-party sites (via SSO). Realized example: configuration of a Whaller login button on a Wordpress site
  • Extension of shared file size limit to 1Go for organizations (Premium)

February 2019

Web application:

  • Improvements to SSO mechanisms for organizations that use them 
  • When a sphere exceeds 50 members, automatic welcome messages are disabled
  • In the organization members management section, possibility to use the action "Remove from the organization" for several people at a time
  • Change the font used for messages in order to display all languages on all OS 
  • Messages and comments can be edited at any time

January 2019

Web application:

  • Simplification of the "My account" menu
  • Remove "lemonades" and "bouquets of roses" from gifts
  • Remove the 3,000 character limit for messages
  • Integration of a Markdown editor in the message writing field 

Mobile application:

  • Possibility to connect via LDAP
  • Display documents in messages
  • Access to sphere boxes (new "tools" icon in spheres)
  • Display tasks in messages
  • Display gifts in messages
  • Display message styles

December 2018

Web application:

We wanted to improve the "serenity" or "focus" aspect of Whaller, which sometimes gave the impression to send too many notifications. Our logic: give ALL the control back to users, don't overwhelm them with information, and only send what's necessary:

  • Removal of transaction emails (new messages, etc.) if the user has installed the Whaller mobile app (focus)
  • Possibility to select time slots to receive email/mobile pushes (not during the night, weekend, etc.) (focus)

November 2018

Web application:

  • Launch of a new chat 
  • No longer sending emails for a like or dislike (focus)
  • Possibility to block sending pushes for comments in a sphere (backend option)
  • Change the default sending frequency for emails: no more than 2 emails per day (focus)
  • Simplification of the notification settings page: fusion of the "new comments" and "new messages" setting, add an insert concerning "educational" emails

Mobile application:

  • Improved message display performance (x2)
  • Events in spheres 
  • Better offline management
  • Design of private messages
  • Possibility to connect in LDAP
  • Password recovery link

October 2018

  • Possibility to download a list of participants for an event 
  • Redesign of the "real time" system for sending pushes, and synchronized display of new messages, comments, likes
  • Opening to all public spheres
  • Possibility to block the creation of public spheres in an organization
  • Display public spheres on organization portals
  • Add Capterra and G2Crowd missions to the Ambassador program

August / September 2018


  • Beta release of new chat. Ask to test it on https://whaller.com/sphere/tcjwx6
  • Beta release of the new mobile application. Ask to test it on https://whaller.com/sphere/b799m1
  • Creation of an interface that lists a person's spheres for an organization (only for the manager) 
  • Analytics: addition of a frame and an asset counter for the selected period (Premium)
  • Addition of emojis :bzh:, :corsica: and :euskadi:
  • Integration of "stripe elements" for card entry

June 2018

  • Creation of a Premium organization option: "do not notify by email/push for anonymous messages"
  • Security fixes following feedback from Bug Bounty
  • Creation of the Whaller Sports page 
  • "Scratch-off" messages
  • Ability to move a sphere from one organization to another
  • Create a "verified" certificate for organizations and people

May 2018

  • Create an event from Google calendar via Zapier
  • Redesign of the ergonomics message types
  • Add a task to a message that has already been posted (Premium)
  • Program messages in advance (Premium)
  • Restricted spheres: addition of a "block comments" option (Premium+)

April 2018

  • "Alpha" release of the new chat (not visible to all users)

March 2018

  • Improvements to the entry path in a network from its public portal 
  • "Enter a sphere" tutorial + customization of this tutorial
  • Improvement of the UI of the signup modal on organization portals
  • Make public portal pages responsive

February 2018

  • Possibility to mention a group of people with the same role in a sphere using "@@nameofrole"  (Premium)
  • Creation of a CSS field allowing the graphic modification of organization interfaces (Premium)
  • Points earned in "incentive" organizations are displayed in the navigation sidebar (Premium)
  • Customization of the entry route in an organization: personalization of the redirect page after registration

January 2018

December 2017

November 2017

  • Respond to a comment in private (triggers an alert)
  • Can upload videos in a custom profile field
  • Display a LinkedIn profile in a Whaller profile
  • Creation of a "no role" filter in the members management section (Premium)
  • Compatibility with native emojis!
  • Export analytics in an Excel file

October 2017

  • Connection of a "wedoogift"  boutique to Whaller for one of our clients (will be generalizable) (Premium)
  • Synchronization and generic authentication in LDAP (Premium)
  • Addition of an option to hide the "website" link on an organization portal  
  • Increase the sphere description to 500 characters 
  • Addition of Dutch in the languages 🇳🇱
  • Addition of a premium option to remove the notion of price in events + PayPal
  • Allow the upload of InDesign files

September 2017

  • Possibility to create a hierarchy between several organizations (Premium+) : with link between profiles, role, etc. (Premium)
  • Create events from calendars (Premium)
  • Block a person 
  • Creation of assignable rights according to roles (Premium): right to create a sphere, right to accept new members in the organization
  • "Serendipity" widget (suggestions of people in an organization): specific to a single network at the moment. A generic version may be planned someday depending on requests (Premium)
  • Implementation of the "Analytics" page in spheres, for sphere administrators (Premium)
  • Creation of a new type of customizable profile field: free lists with suggestions (Premium)
  • Removal of "product" icons (prices, premium,...) from organization portal pages (Premium)
  • Sphere administrators can now create and edit widgets linked to their sphere (This was reserved exclusively for organization managers before) (Premium)
  • Strengthen the invitation "quota" security policy 

August 2017

  • Can personalize the list of types of events (Premium)
  • Possibility to block "I dislike" (Premium)
  • Possibility to define a list of "blacklisted" words that automatically report messages to administrators and managers (Premium)
  • Mobile application: can connect with Microsoft Office 365
  • Showing roles in the form of medallions on avatars (Premium)
  • Creation of the Premium + "Maps"  page /product/premium-plus/map
  • Generalization of the use of "Glowbl visio-spheres"
  • Strengthening of the password security policy

July 2017

  • Possibility to sign up/ connect with LinkedIn
  • Possibility to share a message in several spheres at the same time (Premium)
  • Addition of invitation quotas
  • Improvement of the navigation in the right hand column of spheres: always visible, always scrollable 
  • "Forum" spheres for Premium+ (organization spheres in which you van validate or refuse the responses to a message) 
  • Ability to search all of a person's profile fields, including specific fields in an organization Premium
  • Addition of a "role" filter in member directories Premium
  • Message legacy (possibility to leave the messages you've written when you leave a sphere) Premium
  • Can disable automatic messages for new documents in a sphere box Premium
  • Possibility to structure organizations among themselves by defining "sub-organizations" to an organization; legacy profiles: avatars, bio, roles and specific fields (Premium)

June 2017

  • SSO SAML (Premium+ option)
  • Public page /contact
  • Member management: can filter non-activated members 
  • Can disable the Kanban in spheres
  • External hosting of message content and attached files
  • "Whaller Ambassador" program: https://whaller.com/account/refer
  • Addition of a navigation sidebar for isolated spheres
  • Addition of attachment to automatic message in the sphere's box
  • Mini profile: when clicking on the photo, it is displayed in full resolution
  • Publication of Whaller's  3 core values on the homepage
  • Publication of Whaller's Manifesto on the homepage

May 2017

  • Automatic online payment (integration of the last elements)
  • Integration of Google Drive in the sphere Box: possibility to manage a Google Drive folder directly from a Whaller sphere (beta) 
  • Deletion of the old mobile version and passage of spheres and root page in full responsive
  • Integration of Glowbl as a replacement for visio-spheres
  • Member management: Display the list of spheres for each person
  • Ability to disable welcome messages in a sphere
  • Public page /integrations
  • Public page  /mobile
  • SEO improvements 
  • Creation of a "Start a trial" workflow

April 2017

  • Create a task directly from a Kanban in a sphere
  • Ability to share a GoToMeeting in a message (in an event)
  • Automatic publication of a welcome message when a new member joins a sphere
  • Redesign of the "sphere summary" widget
  • Permanent deletion of old personal spheres 
  • Redesign of badge management

March 2017

  • New network creation path
  • New Premium+ offer "data hosted on the third party server"
  • Tasks: fusion with ideations, possibility to assign a task to several people
  • Integration of Office 365: registration and authentication with an Office 365 account, possibility to share OneDrive files
  • Integration of Google Suite: registration and authentication with a Google account, possibility to share Google Drive files
  • New discussion thread UX

February 2017

  • Ability to create temporary, self-destructing messages  ("burning messages")
  • Notifications when a document is added in the Box
  • PDF document viewer in the spheres 
  • Mobile application: new network creation path
  • Mobile application: display of entry requests

January 2017

  • Annual debug campaign. More than 150 bugs found and corrected. 

December 2016

  • Statistics tool: "Whaller Analytics"
  • Possibility to activate "Premium" for a single sphere
  • Card editor (points, quiz, info...)
  • Interfacing Plussh & Whaller
  • Twitter widget 
  • Entry course: (Join/ Create a network)
  • Creation of a sponsorship/ referrals page
  • Depreciation Internet Explorer < 10

November 2016

  • New entry course: "What would you like to do?" and "Join a network"
  • Redesign of the sphere management page: all settings accessible from this page
  • Performance of web interfaces
  • Creation of the page status.whaller.com

October 2016

  • Switch to PHP7
  • Update of ElasticSearch search engine 
  • Suggestions of organizations
  • Creation of the "connected apps" account page

September 2016

  • Ability to remove or add several sphere members at a time 
  • Enrichment of events: types (carpool,...), spots available, price, PayPal.Me
  • Redesign of directory ergonomics and people search
  • Synchronization of tabs

August 2016

  • Improvement of real time, possibility to interact with a message while it's being updated (likes, etc.)
  • Creation of the "publisher" right

July 2016

  • Integration of IFTTT
  • Multiple surveys

June 2016

  • Redesign of the notification management page
  • Pin a message

May 2016

  • Side navigation bar
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