On Whaller, organization managers have the possibility to make certain spheres accessible to visitors*. This allows people from outside their organization (clients, providers, partners, freelancers, etc.) to join their networks and collaborate seamlessly.

Make a sphere accessible to visitors from an organization's admin pages

As an organization manager, go to your organization's admin pages. Click on the "Spheres" tab to access your organization's spheres.

Select a sphere and open its settings. Enable the "Accessible to visitors" option.

Make a sphere accessible to visitors from a sphere's settings

As a sphere administrator you can enable/disable the visitor option from your sphere's settings (if the option has been enabled in your organization by an organization manager).

Invite visitors to join a sphere

When you invite a new person to join a visitor sphere, they will be considered a visitor by default. To add them as a member, simply check the "Add the people invited to the organization "X" as members." box.

Rights and restrictions for visitors

Within a sphere, visitors have the same reading and writing rights, and access to collaboration tools as sphere members.

However, they cannot be a sphere administrator or access the organization's members portal or directory.

*Available starting from the Business offer.

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