How do you know if you have unread messages?

On the "root" page, your homepage:

The number of unread messages is displayed in red next to each sphere: 

On other pages

  • The total number of unread messages is indicated in the red dot above "My spheres" (in the header, top left) 

  • In the menu, after clicking on "My spheres", the red dots next to the spheres indicate the number of unread messages in each individual sphere

Consult your new messages in a sphere

To view new messages, go to the spheres where they have been shared. 

Unread messages can be easily identified: the text is in bold and a small red dot is displayed to the left.

Messages will automatically switch to "read messages" as soon as you hover your mouse over them.

Mark a message as unread

Once you have viewed a message, you can choose to mark it as unread whether it is a post or a comment.

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