An event can be attached to a message in a sphere.

Create an event 

Click on the calendar icon under the new message field. This will allow you to choose between "Event" or "Carpool":

Many different types of events are available: meeting, conference, coffee, party, etc...

Choose the one that corresponds to what you would like to organize, fill in the practical information (date, location, etc.) and share. You can also add a more detailed description in your message.  

Note: Dates/times will automatically adapt according to the time zone of each user (based on the time on their computer).

Optional extras are available should you need them:

  • The number of spots available, if limited

  • Price
    If you have a PayPal.Me account, you can link it in your account settings, which will allow participants to pay directly through Whaller.

You can also set alarms (private messages sent to participants before the event).  

Once the event has been created, members can accept or decline the invitation.
The list will be updated automatically. If they change their mind, they have the possibility to modify their reply later on.  



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