Quizzes are a message option (like events, surveys, etc.) that are accessible to sphere administrators, when the option is enabled in the organization. 

They allow you to create advanced surveys, where the results are not visible to participants.

Two types of quizzes are available: multiple choice or short answer free-text. 

If you opt for multiple choice, you can offer 3 possible responses per question. With short answer free-text, members can answer as they wish. 

In order to create a quiz, you must be the sphere administrator.
The quiz message option is accessible via the question mark icon.

If you choose the multiple choice option, these are the fields to complete: 

  • choice of option
  • question asked
  • possible responses
  • the correct response

For short answer free-text:

  • choice of option
  • question asked

Once created, quizzes are open, and it is possible to respond until they are closed. 

The administrator will have a different view than participants, that allows them to close the quiz or see the results.  

If they click on "List of responses", the responses will be displayed as a table. 

  • For multiple choice, there will be the name of the person and the state of the response (correct or wrong).
  • For short answer free-text, the name of the person and their response.

The list of responses is displayed in chronological order, with the first responses appearing first. 

The member who is going to take a quiz will have a view, showing the response they chose. They can not modify their answer after. 

Once the quiz is closed, it will appear slightly differently. It will be marked "Closed" on the top right of the message. For multiple choice, the correct answer will be displayed.

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