You can attach images to messages in spheres, though you may have noticed that certain images appear "cropped" or blurry.

The reason is simple: these images are previews, that you must click on in order to view the image in full resolution.

Why not display images directly in messages?

For two reasons:  

1. Some images do not lend themselves to being displayed in a stream of messages, for example the image below, which has a long, vertical format that takes up a great deal of space:

2. You can share as many images as you want in a message, which will then be displayed as a patchwork. This allows you to visualizee the whole, without taking up too much space.

Images are displayed in 611x390 px.
Therefore, you can share an image that has this proportion (1:56), for example: 1000x638 px 


If you wish to display two images, different proportions are possible:

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