Projects and improvements developed

November 2022

Web application:

  • Added a "Tools" section accessible from the navigation bar, which includes the map, forms, store, resources

  • Customization of the navigation bar (managers can choose to hide some sections of the sidebar for their members)

October 2022

Web application:

  • Redesign of the navigation bar

  • Creation of widget categories

  • When receiving an invitation, a modal opens to highlight it

  • Added support for .svg / .lst / .ttf / .otf formats on Whaller

  • Ability to share a file to groups of spheres

  • Analytics can be exported as a presentation PDF file

  • New ambassador program

  • Integration of the "Cyber Assistance Online" module

September 2022

Web application:

  • Implementation of an avatar gallery

  • New notification center

July 2022

Web application:

  • From the "Useful Links" widget, ability to customize logos set on links, using the illustration library offered by Whaller,

  • Added a new multi-factor authentication (MFA) feature to strengthen account security,

  • Ability to add multiple authentication factors,

  • New cybersecurity option: possibility to force the use of a multi-factor authentication method for all members and visitors of an organization,

  • Ability to invite external people to join a video conference,

  • Ability to reply to a comment,

  • When the status of a task is updated, a comment is automatically added to inform the collaborators,

  • New white label feature: a manager can block an account.

June 2022

Web application:

  • Graphical improvement: Redesign of the "survey" message card.

  • Extension of rights: From a restricted sphere, the publication of files in the file box is also restricted

  • Avatars are now composed of the person's initials by default, if the person has not configured an avatar

  • New password policy reinforced by default (12 characters, one number, one uppercase character), in accordance with ANSSI recommendations

  • Simplification of the events: removal of the price and the payment by paypal

  • Display of a video player for the URLs of videos from Smartrezo

  • New option in the widget "image": Possibility to choose to display an image in full width or centered

  • Simplification of widget areas on an organization's portal

May 2022

Web application:

  • Created a new pending invitation management page from an organization

  • From the role management page:

  • Redesigned the role management interface,

  • Managers of daughter organizations have the ability to assign roles,

  • In the framework of a federation, a new column "organization" has been added to show where the role has been created.

  • From the file box, it is now possible to retrieve the source URL of an image

  • Redesign of the message card including a task

  • Redesign of the page for managing pending invitations from a sphere:

  • Addition of a search engine,

  • Addition of the role carried by an invitation,

  • Addition of the date of first sending of an invitation.

April 2022

Web application:

  • New "homepage article" widget on organization portals

  • Redesign of organization members insert

  • Improvement to white label management interfaces

    - New "platform manager" right: delete, merge, unblock accounts

  • Option to mark a previously read message as "unread"

Mobile application:

  • Possibility to access a video conference from an event or a calendar

March 2022

Web application:

  • New calendar widget

  • Creation of a logo chooser for spheres (image, icon, emoji)

  • New analytics indicators for invitations (number of invitations sent, number of invitations accepted, conversion rate)

  • Addition of a filter on the member management page: select sub-organizations and spheres linked to sub-organizations

  • Addition of a filter on the member management page of mother organizations: list of "blocked" members

February 2022

Web application:

  • Redesign of the "My tasks" page

  • Updates to article layout (edit icons, full page)

  • Personalization of CMS articles (option to add a banner)

  • Unified search engine

  • Profile completion indicator

  • Personal "My activity" widget (available with white label)

  • Events displayed in the News carrousel

January 2022

Web application:

  • Redesign of the members insert in spheres

  • Links to messages open in a modal (My Favorites, Kanban, file box, Widgets, etc.)

  • Tags in spheres listed in alphabetical order

  • New options available from users' personal account menus: My favorites, My tasks, My badges

  • New personalization for organization portals and internal articles

  • Option to prohibit the downloading of videos in a sphere

  • From an organization calendar, possibility to highlight events in the color of the style or of the sphere

Mobile application:

  • Possibility to create a network

December 2021

Web application:

  • Possibility to select a personal Webex link to add to an event

  • Addition of an "Edit widgets" entry from sphere and organization menus

  • New "Sphere directory" page that lists all spheres in a federation (available with white label)

  • Possibility to download the list of participants from a BigBlueButton session

  • Possibility to select a style when creating an event

  • Addition of a "FAQ" layout in the CMS

  • New calendar

  • Display an event in the color of its style or its sphere

  • Possibility to add a sphere to favorites

  • Organization option: personal video conference link

November 2021

Web application:

  • New "Event" widget: highlight a specific event

  • New restricted sphere option: possibility to hide the message writing field from members

  • New sphere option: possibility to hide the members insert

  • Redesign of the styling system (CSS) of interfaces (spheres and organizations) in light colors

  • New audio conferencing feature in spheres ("Audio spheres")

  • In the Kanban, when clicking on a task, the message linked to it opens in a modal

  • New widget center

October 2021

Web application:

  • Possibility to add a "Lucca" widget that displays the list of the day's absentees from a Lucca account

  • Added an upload button from the "video" widget

  • Favorites: messages, files, articles

September 2021

Web application:

  • Creation of a personal dashboard to replace an organization's homepage

  • Possibility to enable or disable the video conferencing feature in a sphere

  • Clicking on the name of a sphere in an open chat redirects to the message in the sphere

  • Generic root page navigation

  • Sphere families visible on the root page (web) and in the "My spheres" menu

  • Possibility to differentiate between members and visitors in a sphere

  • Addition of a download icon next to files in comments

  • Possibility to start a free 14-day trial of Whaller Pro

  • Possibility to duplicate a folder in a sphere box

  • New "Subscription" pages, possiblity to track the number of licenses available

  • Possibility to preview videos posted in comments

  • New organization option: make choosing a role mandatory with invitations

August 2021

Web application:

  • Redesign of message ergonomics (menu, layout)

July 2021

Web application:

  • New navigation in spheres and organizations (including administration pages)

  • Application of webinar options in webinar breakout rooms

  • Possibility to select and move multiple files at the same time in the file box

  • Possibility to use "News" carousels on an organization portal

  • Creation of a widget area that is displayed throughout an entire federation

  • Possibility to export stats on presence in video conferences

  • Addition of an "edit online" shortcut next to editable files

June 2021

Web application:

  • New analytics

  • Possibility to record webinars on BigBlueButton

  • Possibility to disable private messages in a sphere

  • Possibility to add one's own general terms and conditions (white label)

  • New "panel" display to navigate within portals and articles

  • Possibility to display a menu with the choice of languages in the header (white label)

  • Integration of new languages (Portuguese, German, Italian, Swedish, Hungarian, Romanian)

May 2021

Web application:

  • Redesign of header

  • Addition of favicons for the file box, file editing and BigBlueButton

  • Redesign of connection modalities on public portals

  • Possibility to request entry into sub-organizations (white label)

  • New sphere option: Disable the option for members to share classified ads

Mobile application:

  • Access to organization portals

  • Possibility to request entry into a sphere

  • Possibility to leave an organization

  • Possibility to mention groups or roles

  • Visualization of links in the file box

April 2021

Web application:

  • Multilingual management of CMS articles

  • Possibility to accept or reject several requests to join an organization at the same time

  • Possibility to assign one or more roles to requests to join an organization

  • Two layouts now available for white label login pages ("basic" and "two columns")

  • Possibility to add a "request entry" button on white label ("Gate") login pages

  • Update of icons

  • New "News" widget

  • Modification of the width of organization management pages (1130 px)

  • Possibility to put the "Latest messages" widget at the top of organizatin portals

  • New design for "Sphere summary" and "Latest messages" widgets

  • Possibility to edit and co-edit all files compatible with OnlyOffice

  • Integration of new message styles

March 2021

Web application:

  • Redesign of chat

  • Removal of the option to connect a Whaller box to OneDrive or GoogleDrive

  • Image gallery feature available from the Pro offer

February 2021

Web application:

  • New integration of messages waiting to be published

  • Possibility to change the order of images when editing a message

  • Redesign of message editing (text, Markdown, files, images, priority, publication date)

  • Redesign of link display (New: the author can delete them one by one)

  • Insert a link to an article in a message via Markdown tools

  • Possibility to share a CMS article from within a sphere

  • Possibility to share a CMS article in a sphere from the article

  • Multilingual content: possibility to translate messages into the languages available on Whaller

January 2021

Web application:

  • Additional Markdown options

  • Export an organization's list of spheres and their details

  • Autocompletion when adding sphere administrators

Mobile application:

  • Suggestions of usernames in comments

  • Apple SSO connection

December 2020

Web application:

  • All users can schedule messages in spheres

  • Possibility to download the contents of a folder or an entire sphere box

November 2020

Web application:

  • Display a larger version of a single emoji when left as a comment

  • Extend the rights attributed to "Publishers"

  • Possibility to use Zoom for video conferencing

  • Possibility to host large files (up to 3GB)

  • Cybersecurity option: prevent the reuse of a password when it is renewed

  • (Re)launch of the Full Remote offer

  • Suggestion platform (Feature Upvote)

  • Links displayed below messages are updated after a message is edited

Mobile application:

  • Addition of connection via Google

October 2020

Web application:

  • Deployment of a new WYSIWYG editor for CMS articles

  • Possibility to associate a video conference room to an event (only if the sphere has BigBlueButton selected as its video conferencing tool)

  • Redesign of the "sphere settings" window

  • Viewing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents shared in messages on Whaller

  • Launch of Whaller 365: co-editing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations

  • Securing of accounts with a strong U2F authentication factor

September 2020

Web application:

  • "My tasks": all current tasks assigned to a user appear on their root page

  • Cybersecurity option: organization managers can define different levels of classification for information and assign consultation rights according to these levels to members

August 2020

Web application:

  • Improved performance of conversation feeds

  • Interpret an event's "location" field with a URL

  • Possibility to configure an Ausha widget

July 2020

Web application:

  • Ability to view a PDF, an image or a video directly from the sphere Box (and update of file icons)

  • Ephemeral spheres available with the Enterprise offer (spheres that are archived on a pre-determined date)

  • Cybersecurity option: possibility to temporarily disable the uploading of documents in an organization

Mobile application:

  • Possibility to invite phone contacts to a sphere

  • Display of badges in profiles

June 2020

Web application:

  • Possibility to set video conferencing in webinar mode (listen-only mode for participants, more than 100 participants)

  • White label: a user who logs in can be redirected to either the "root" page or the portal page

  • The "Reply" buttons in notification emails refer directly to the reply field of the concerned message

  • Translation of messages in foreign languages (with DeepL)

  • Creation of top-down options (within federations) in the settings of a "mother" organization, so that thay can be applied to all "daughter" organizations

  • Improved upload for large files (according to organisation settings)

  • Possibility to paste a file directly in the "new message" or "new comment" fields

Mobile application:

  • Integration of video conference feature

  • Display custom profile fields in profiles

May 2020

Web application:

  • Possibility to disable online support via Intercom for an organization

  • Notifications: "new member" and "new sphere" emails sent to sphere administrators and organization managers now take into account the settings defined in the general notification frequency - invitation or entry request emails are not affected

  • Possibility to have a specific profile field appear next to the username in conversations. (Example: company name of members in an inter-professional network)

  • Replacement of the term "sphere open to visitors" by "sphere accessible to visitors"

April 2020

Web application:

  • Automation of the "pass a member as a visitor" process by automatically removing them from members-only spheres

  • Deletion of quizzes feature

  • Addition of a "visitors" icon on spheres accessible to visitors

  • Improvement of the UI of registration and login forms

  • Modification of the rules for spheres accessible to visitors (impossible to make them global, open, etc.)

  • Temporary blocking for 30 minutes (instead of permanent blocking) of users who have tried to log in with the wrong password 5 times

  • In a federation: inheritance of offers, and a number of "top-down" options

  • Creation of a federation management page

  • Correction of the bug that turned some images 🙈

  • Video player update (with the possibility to detach the video in the foreground)

  • Agglomeration of analytics in a federation

March 2020

Web application:

  • Add BigBlueButton (BBB) as a video conferencing option, these instances are stored on the Whaller infrastructure

  • BBB as a default in school organizations

  • Launch of FULL REMOTE offer

Mobile application:

  • Do not display active spheres if the user has access to only one organization

February 2020

Web application:

  • Release of new Pro, Business and Enterprise offers

  • POC of connection with Atlassian (JIRA and Confluence). Those who would like to test can write to us!

  • POC of integration of SAP Cloud

  • Review of all transactional email texts

January 2020

Infrastructure: all Whaller servers (data and service) migrated to OVHcloud in Roubaix (France).

Web application:

  • Reinforcement of security options: password policy, automatic signout after inactivity, etc.

  • Integration of as a choice for video conferencing

Mobile application:

  • Sphere and organization calendar feature available

  • Ability to start a private conversation directly from a user's profile

December 2019

(Work on client platforms)

November 2019

Web application:

  • Display of organizations in the same federation in an arborescent manner on the "root" page and in the "My Spheres" menu

  • When a temporary message is commented on, it becomes permanent

  • Temporary password renewal URL

October 2019

Web application:

  • Management of cookie preferences for users (GDPR)

  • GDPR & Privacy by Design: By default, fields in a user's enhanced profile should be set to "Unpublished"

  • Make the blurring of private messages optional

  • Launch of the new Whaller Help Center:

  • Add the names of authors to articles

September 2019

Web application:

  • Connection of the sphere box to OneDrive

  • The user now has the choice to delete documents they deposited in a sphere Box when they leave (GPDR)

August 2019

Web application:

  • Restructuring of organization settings

  • Premium Option that allows managers to validate the creation of new spheres (Sphere creation workflow)

July 2019

Web application:

  • Change in provider for transaction emails. From Mandrill (US) to Sendinblue (France) (GPDR)

  • Blurred private messages

Mobile application:

  • Correction of duplicate messages sent

June 2019

White Label site (GATE)

  • Creation of the possibility to have a white label site for an organization or federation network (code name: GATE)

  • Personalization of the header

  • Personalization of the footer

  • Design of a white label "root" page of a site, with the side navigation bar

  • Ability to play shared videos automatically

  • Creation of a stronger confidentiality option in order to not show one's full name to the entire network

Web application:

  • Addition of a premium option: "Use badges"

Mobile application:

  • Creation of the possibility to have a white label mobile application (realized first for France Télévisions)

May 2019

Web application:

  • Possibility to share GIFs in spheres and comments

  • Add a publication end date for programmed messages

  • Premium organization option to hide Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 shares

  • Addition of Markdown shortcuts for level 2 and 3 titles

  • Addition of a Premium option to disable scratch-off messages

  • Addition of the ability to choose a native emoji from a selector 🎉

  • Ability to export participants to an event

  • Sphere creation workflow (validated by an organization manager), available for Premium

  • Ability to cancel an entry request from the "root" page

April 2019

Web application:

  • Drag & drop tasks in sphere Kanban

  • Display the Kanban in a new tab

  • Remove the integration of Facebook videos in spheres to not have Facebook cookies on Whaller

  • Authorize the creation of public isolated spheres

  • Highlight the visio-sphere (under sphere members)

Mobile application:

  • Possibility to share videos from the app

  • Display ads in messages

  • Possibility to copy text from a message or comment

  • Possibility to copy a URL open in Whaller

March 2019

Web application:

  • Ambassador program improvements (Podium, possibility to earn Illicado gift cards)

  • Improvement of message display performance, especially when data is outsourced to a proprietary server (see Data outsourcing offer)

  • GPDR: Logging all Whaller ADMIN actions

  • Organization Federations: When adding an organization as a "child", its members are added automatically to "parent" organizations

  • Establishment of an IdP server allowing the installation of a "Whaller Connect" button on third-party sites (via SSO). Realized example: configuration of a Whaller login button on a Wordpress site

  • Extension of shared file size limit to 1Go for organizations (Premium)

February 2019

Web application:

  • Improvements to SSO mechanisms for organizations that use them

  • When a sphere exceeds 50 members, automatic welcome messages are disabled

  • In the organization members management section, possibility to use the action "Remove from the organization" for several people at a time

  • Change the font used for messages in order to display all languages on all OS

  • Messages and comments can be edited at any time

January 2019

Web application:

  • Simplification of the "My account" menu

  • Remove "lemonades" and "bouquets of roses" from gifts

  • Remove the 3,000 character limit for messages

  • Integration of a Markdown editor in the message writing field

Mobile application:

  • Possibility to connect via LDAP

  • Display documents in messages

  • Access to sphere boxes (new "tools" icon in spheres)

  • Display tasks in messages

  • Display gifts in messages

  • Display message styles

December 2018

Web application:

We wanted to improve the "serenity" or "focus" aspect of Whaller, which sometimes gave the impression to send too many notifications. Our logic: give ALL the control back to users, don't overwhelm them with information, and only send what's necessary:

  • Removal of transaction emails (new messages, etc.) if the user has installed the Whaller mobile app (focus)

  • Possibility to select time slots to receive email/mobile pushes (not during the night, weekend, etc.) (focus)

November 2018

Web application:

  • Launch of a new chat

  • No longer sending emails for a like or dislike (focus)

  • Possibility to block sending pushes for comments in a sphere (backend option)

  • Change the default sending frequency for emails: no more than 2 emails per day (focus)

  • Simplification of the notification settings page: fusion of the "new comments" and "new messages" setting, add an insert concerning "educational" emails

Mobile application:

  • Improved message display performance (x2)

  • Events in spheres

  • Better offline management

  • Design of private messages

  • Possibility to connect in LDAP

  • Password recovery link

October 2018

  • Possibility to download a list of participants for an event

  • Redesign of the "real time" system for sending pushes, and synchronized display of new messages, comments, likes

  • Opening to all public spheres

  • Possibility to block the creation of public spheres in an organization

  • Display public spheres on organization portals

  • Add Capterra and G2Crowd missions to the Ambassador program

August / September 2018


  • Beta release of new chat. Ask to test it on

  • Beta release of the new mobile application. Ask to test it on

  • Creation of an interface that lists a person's spheres for an organization (only for the manager)

  • Analytics: addition of a frame and an asset counter for the selected period (Premium)

  • Addition of emojis :bzh:, :corsica: and :euskadi:

  • Integration of "stripe elements" for card entry

June 2018

  • Creation of a Premium organization option: "do not notify by email/push for anonymous messages"

  • Security fixes following feedback from Bug Bounty

  • Creation of the Whaller Sports page

  • "Scratch-off" messages

  • Ability to move a sphere from one organization to another

  • Create a "verified" certificate for organizations and people

May 2018

  • Create an event from Google calendar via Zapier

  • Redesign of the ergonomics message types

  • Add a task to a message that has already been posted (Premium)

  • Program messages in advance (Premium)

  • Restricted spheres: addition of a "block comments" option (Premium+)

April 2018

  • "Alpha" release of the new chat (not visible to all users)

March 2018

  • Improvements to the entry path in a network from its public portal

  • "Enter a sphere" tutorial + customization of this tutorial

  • Improvement of the UI of the signup modal on organization portals

  • Make public portal pages responsive

February 2018

  • Possibility to mention a group of people with the same role in a sphere using "@@nameofrole" (Premium)

  • Creation of a CSS field allowing the graphic modification of organization interfaces (Premium)

  • Points earned in "incentive" organizations are displayed in the navigation sidebar (Premium)

  • Customization of the entry route in an organization: personalization of the redirect page after registration

January 2018

December 2017

November 2017

  • Respond to a comment in private (triggers an alert)

  • Can upload videos in a custom profile field

  • Display a LinkedIn profile in a Whaller profile

  • Creation of a "no role" filter in the members management section (Premium)

  • Compatibility with native emojis!

  • Export analytics in an Excel file

October 2017

  • Connection of a "wedoogift" boutique to Whaller for one of our clients (will be generalizable) (Premium)

  • Synchronization and generic authentication in LDAP (Premium)

  • Addition of an option to hide the "website" link on an organization portal

  • Increase the sphere description to 500 characters

  • Addition of Dutch in the languages 🇳🇱

  • Addition of a premium option to remove the notion of price in events + PayPal

  • Allow the upload of InDesign files

September 2017

  • Possibility to create a hierarchy between several organizations (Premium+) : with link between profiles, role, etc. (Premium)

  • Create events from calendars (Premium)

  • Block a person

  • Creation of assignable rights according to roles (Premium): right to create a sphere, right to accept new members in the organization

  • "Serendipity" widget (suggestions of people in an organization): specific to a single network at the moment. A generic version may be planned someday depending on requests (Premium)

  • Implementation of the "Analytics" page in spheres, for sphere administrators (Premium)

  • Creation of a new type of customizable profile field: free lists with suggestions (Premium)

  • Removal of "product" icons (prices, premium,...) from organization portal pages (Premium)

  • Sphere administrators can now create and edit widgets linked to their sphere (This was reserved exclusively for organization managers before) (Premium)

  • Strengthen the invitation "quota" security policy

August 2017

  • Can personalize the list of types of events (Premium)

  • Possibility to block "I dislike" (Premium)

  • Possibility to define a list of "blacklisted" words that automatically report messages to administrators and managers (Premium)

  • Mobile application: can connect with Microsoft Office 365

  • Showing roles in the form of medallions on avatars (Premium)

  • Creation of the Premium + "Maps" page /product/premium-plus/map

  • Generalization of the use of "Glowbl visio-spheres"

  • Strengthening of the password security policy

July 2017

  • Possibility to sign up/ connect with LinkedIn

  • Possibility to share a message in several spheres at the same time (Premium)

  • Addition of invitation quotas

  • Improvement of the navigation in the right hand column of spheres: always visible, always scrollable

  • "Forum" spheres for Premium+ (organization spheres in which you van validate or refuse the responses to a message)

  • Ability to search all of a person's profile fields, including specific fields in an organization Premium

  • Addition of a "role" filter in member directories Premium

  • Message legacy (possibility to leave the messages you've written when you leave a sphere) Premium

  • Can disable automatic messages for new documents in a sphere box Premium

  • Possibility to structure organizations among themselves by defining "sub-organizations" to an organization; legacy profiles: avatars, bio, roles and specific fields (Premium)

June 2017

  • SSO SAML (Premium+ option)

  • Public page /contact

  • Member management: can filter non-activated members

  • Can disable the Kanban in spheres

  • External hosting of message content and attached files

  • "Whaller Ambassador" program:

  • Addition of a navigation sidebar for isolated spheres

  • Addition of attachment to automatic message in the sphere's box

  • Mini profile: when clicking on the photo, it is displayed in full resolution

  • Publication of Whaller's 3 core values on the homepage

  • Publication of Whaller's Manifesto on the homepage

May 2017

  • Automatic online payment (integration of the last elements)

  • Integration of Google Drive in the sphere Box: possibility to manage a Google Drive folder directly from a Whaller sphere (beta)

  • Deletion of the old mobile version and passage of spheres and root page in full responsive

  • Integration of Glowbl as a replacement for visio-spheres

  • Member management: Display the list of spheres for each person

  • Ability to disable welcome messages in a sphere

  • Public page /integrations

  • Public page /mobile

  • SEO improvements

  • Creation of a "Start a trial" workflow

April 2017

  • Create a task directly from a Kanban in a sphere

  • Ability to share a GoToMeeting in a message (in an event)

  • Automatic publication of a welcome message when a new member joins a sphere

  • Redesign of the "sphere summary" widget

  • Permanent deletion of old personal spheres

  • Redesign of badge management

March 2017

  • New network creation path

  • New Premium+ offer "data hosted on the third party server"

  • Tasks: fusion with ideations, possibility to assign a task to several people

  • Integration of Office 365: registration and authentication with an Office 365 account, possibility to share OneDrive files

  • Integration of Google Suite: registration and authentication with a Google account, possibility to share Google Drive files

  • New discussion thread UX

February 2017

  • Ability to create temporary, self-destructing messages ("burning messages")

  • Notifications when a document is added in the Box

  • PDF document viewer in the spheres

  • Mobile application: new network creation path

  • Mobile application: display of entry requests

January 2017

  • Annual debug campaign. More than 150 bugs found and corrected.

December 2016

  • Statistics tool: "Whaller Analytics"

  • Possibility to activate "Premium" for a single sphere

  • Card editor (points, quiz, info...)

  • Interfacing Plussh & Whaller

  • Twitter widget

  • Entry course: (Join/ Create a network)

  • Creation of a sponsorship/ referrals page

  • Depreciation Internet Explorer < 10

November 2016

  • New entry course: "What would you like to do?" and "Join a network"

  • Redesign of the sphere management page: all settings accessible from this page

  • Performance of web interfaces

  • Creation of the page

October 2016

  • Switch to PHP7

  • Update of ElasticSearch search engine

  • Suggestions of organizations

  • Creation of the "connected apps" account page

September 2016

  • Ability to remove or add several sphere members at a time

  • Enrichment of events: types (carpool,...), spots available, price, PayPal.Me

  • Redesign of directory ergonomics and people search

  • Synchronization of tabs

August 2016

  • Improvement of real time, possibility to interact with a message while it's being updated (likes, etc.)

  • Creation of the "publisher" right

July 2016

  • Integration of IFTTT

  • Multiple surveys

June 2016

  • Redesign of the notification management page

  • Pin a message

May 2016

  • Side navigation bar

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