On Whaller, organization managers can enable or disable the option to manage multilingual content* (CMS articles) in their organization.

Enable the multilingual content option

Go to your organization’s administration pages. Click on “Settings”, then select “Sphere options” in the right-hand column. Turn on the “Enable multilingual content” option.

Define the languages

Select the languages of your choice from those available on Whaller (Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish).

Create a new multilingual article

In your organization’s administration pages, go to the “CMS” tab.

💡 First time using the CMS on Whaller? Learn more about getting started here .

Select the original language of your article.

Create versions of your article in the other languages defined beforehand.

Publish your articles

Once you have finished writing, click on the “Publish article” button and view it on your portal.

English version

French version

*Available with the Enterprise offer

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