On Whaller, you can mark messages, files, folders and articles as favorites to make them easy to go back to later.

Mark a message as a favorite

Click on the star icon ⭐️ next to the message (top right corner).

Or open the message’s menu (3 small dots at the top right) and select “Add to favorites”.

If you would like to remove a message from your favorites, simply click on the star icon again or select "Remove from favorites" in the menu.

Filter favorite messages

Click on the star icon in your sphere's message search bar to filter and display all messages that have been marked as favorites.

Mark a file or a folder as a favorite

When in your sphere’s file box*, move your mouse over the file or folder you would like to mark, then click on the star icon. You can also use the file/folder’s menu (3 small dots) and select “Add to favorites”.

Filter favorite files/folders

Click on the star icon at the top right of your sphere’s file box to see all of the files and folders you have marked as favorites.

*Available from the Pro offer

Mark a CMS article as a favorite

Click on the star icon at the top right of the article.

“My favorites”

To quickly find all of your favorite messages, files, folders and articles, go to your personal homepage (also known as the “root” page), and click on the “My favorites” tab in the subheader.

Filter your favorites

Filter your favorites by type: messages, files (and folders), articles.

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