In a sphere you can post a public or private message. Several features are available to personalize your messages.

1/ Give a style to your message

You can personalize your message with different predefined styles (problem, question, important ...)

2/ Mention one or several members

See the article Write and edit a message.

3/ Attach a file or GIF

See the article Share a document.

4/ Customize your message with Markdown

See the article Markdown syntax.

5/ Create an event

See the article Share an event.

6/ Attach a task

See the article Task Kanban.

7/ Attach a survey

See the article Share a survey.

8/ Attaching tags

See the article Tags.

9/ Attach an ad

It is possible to attach an ad to a message, you must fill in a title (directly in the body of the message), define a type of ad and a description.

Once your message is shared in the sphere, it will quickly stand out from the others.

10/ Offer a gift

A manager can also offer gifts via a message by tagging the identifiers of the recipients.

It is possible to offer Whallies, points (if your organization has a Store) or Badges.

11/ Attach your position

12/ More options

More options are available:

  • Force the sending of an email notification to all sphere members (only for sphere administrators)

  • Include a personal video link (if activated by a manager)

  • Schedule a date of message deletion

  • Insert a scratch-off message

  • Copy the message in other spheres

  • Schedule the publication of the message later

13/ Add several language versions to your message

See the article Multilingual content. Available from the Enterprise offer.

14/ Add emojis

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