A sphere administrator has access to the sphere administration pages via the 3 small dots on the right of the header bar.

From these pages, a sphere administrator can:

1/ Manage requests to enter the sphere

This tab allows a Sphere Administrator to manage users wishing to enter the Sphere. From this page, he can accept or refuse these requests.

2/ Access the sphere settings

The sphere settings will allow an administrator to :

  • Make the sphere visible or not on the portal

  • Customize your sphere (Name, Description, Logo, Color, Banner, Charter)

  • Restrict access and rights of members

  • Set the parameters of the messages

  • Make available or not the different tools

  • Set up notifications

3/ Manage pending invitations

This tab allows a sphere administrator to manage the invitation requests sent. From this page, he can invite people in the sphere, resend invitations (globally or individually) or delete them.

4/ Adding external feeds

The sphere administrator can add external feeds in a sphere. This allows to automatically publish messages according to the updates of a website.

To do so, it's necessary to add a feed (RSS/ATOM or Plussh Channel) and a title.

5/ Manage groups

See the article Groups of members in a sphere.

6/ Accessing Analytics

See the article Analytics.

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