A Sphere administrator can restrict posting in a sphere.

A restricted sphere is a sphere that allows the publication of public messages to be reserved for a group called "staff". Members can then comment on these publications or send private messages to the sphere "staff".

To restrict the publication of a sphere, an administrator must go to the sphere settings via the three small dots and check the option "Restrict publication" *. You will then have to add the logins of the staff members.

You can add people to the staff at any time by going to the "Groups" tab. To learn more about groups, here is the associated article.

It is also possible to activate certain options:

  • Disable the ability for members to comment on a public post

  • Disable the publication insert for members

  • Hide the restricted members in the members' insert and show only the staff members and the administrators of the sphere

Once the sphere is restricted, only staff members will be able to post public messages. If the settings allow it, members will be able to comment on these messages and the group @@staff will be mentioned before each comment.

* Option available from the Business Offer

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