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How do you know if you have unread messages?

How do you know if you have unread messages?

On the "root" page, your homepage:

The number of unread messages is displayed in red next to each sphere: 

On other pages

The total number of unread messages is indicated in the red dot above "My spheres" (in the header, top left)

In the menu, after clicking on "My spheres", the red dots next to the spheres indicate the number of unread messages in each individual sphere

Consult your new messages in a sphere

To view new messages, go to the spheres where they have been shared. 

Unread messages can be easily identified: the text is in bold and a small red dot is displayed to the left.

Messages will automatically switch to "read messages" as soon as you hover your mouse over them.

Mark a message as unread

Once you have viewed a message, you can choose to mark it as unread whether it is a post or a comment.

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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