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Task Kanban

The task kanban (available from the Pro offer) allows you to have a visibility on all the projects to do, in progress or finalized.

It is accessible via the "Tasks" button in the header bar along with the other tools available in the sphere.

To create a new task, click on the "Add a task" space and then define its name and deadline.

The creation of a new task can also be done from the publication space in a sphere.

A task can be assigned to one or more members by adding its login in the message before publication.

Or by clicking on the "+" button once the message is shared.

Note: A task can be created by any member and followed in the message flow of the sphere in a simple way from the Standard offer (without access to the task kanban which is only available from the Pro offer).

A task has a status: To do, In progress, Finished, Archived, Canceled.

The status of a task can be changed from the Kanban (by dragging the task to the right column) or from the task in the message flow of a sphere.

When the status of a task changes, a status update notification appears in the message comments.

A member can find all his tasks from the root page (home page), by clicking on the "My tasks" tab.

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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