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An organization is an entity, such as an association, company, club, etc.    

Its users are the members of the organization (internal users, like employees, for example), or visitors (external users, like clients or partners). 

There is no limit to the number of members or visitors an organization can have.

The spheres created within an organization are different from personal spheres.

Characteristics of organizations

Organization spheres 

Spheres created within an organization have different characteristics than personal spheres. People who are not members or visitors of the organization cannot enter into organization spheres.  

An organization must have a minimum of 1 manager. The manager has access to the interface that allows them to define certain settings for the organization, manage members and visitors.

Internal portal
The organization's internal portal is a page that lists all of the spheres affiliated with the organization, as well as other elements related to the organization (widgets, key info,...).
On this page, members can ask to join certain spheres.

It is possible to ask Whaller to personalize this portal. For more information, contact:

External portal (public homepage)
The organization's external portal is the page seen by users who are not logged in to Whaller. This page allows people to ask for an invitation to become a member.

It is possible to ask Whaller to personalize this portal. For more information, contact:

Organization portals

The organization portal is accessible via the main page, by clicking on the name of the organization, or in the "My Spheres" menu. 

If you are the organization manager, you will find a gear icon next to the name of the organization. This will allow you to quickly access and modify your organization settings.

Organization managers

You are an organization manager if you created the organization yourself, or if you have been named manager of an organization that you are a member of.

To see the list of organizations that you are a member of, click on "My spheres" or go to your "root" (main) page.

Create an organization

To create an organization, click on the "+" icon in the header to open the menu. Select "Create an organization". 

Enter the name of the organization and a description.

The organization portal will open, and all you need to do is follow along.
Use the "Admin" menu to adjust the settings.

Manage members and visitors

Organization members are, for example, company employees, members of an association or a club,...

Visitors are external people who may be part of certain spheres that accept visitors. For example, clients, partners,...

After creating an organization, click on the "Admin" tab. 

Click on "Members", then "Add people to your organization". 

You can add people by their Whaller username or their email address, if they aren't signed up for Whaller yet.  

You can add several names at once by separating them by a comma.

Once members or visitors are added, you can switch them or remove them from the organization.

Create organization spheres

To create organization spheres:

Click on the "+" icon in the header to open the menu. Select "Create a sphere".

Choose the name of your sphere and the organization it will be a part of.

You can also create a sphere directly by clicking on the "Create a sphere" icon present in the list of spheres in your organization.

Set up an organization

The settings available by default are: 

name of the organization



type of organization


public portal


personalization of emails

sphere options

automatically accepted emails


For more information on setting up an organization, see the "Configure your organization" page.

Other options available

Requests for invitations on the portal (public home page)
When the portal is enabled on an organization, a person can ask to enter it.
It is possible to disable this possibility, and make it so that members must be invited to join.
In your organization's "Settings", scroll down to the block "Public home page" and uncheck the box under "Options".

Automatically accept members

In order to allow people from your company or association to access the organization quickly, you can configure domain names that allow automatic acceptance.  

For example, as owner of the domain,  I enter it in the configuration section of my organization, and all access requests from email addresses with this domain will be accepted. People will automatically become members.

Manage your spheres

If you are manager of an organization, you have the possibility to change the settings of the organization's spheres. To do so, go to:
Organization portal > Admin > Spheres > Sphere settings

Modify a sphere's type and visibility

A sphere can have many statuses that impact its visibility or accessibility.

Official sphere
An official sphere will be displayed in the "Official spheres" section. All other visible spheres will be regrouped in the "Other spheres" section. This is useful for highlighting certain spheres within an organization. 

Global sphere
A global sphere is a sphere that automatically aggregates members of the organization.  

Open (to the organization) sphere
An open sphere does not require validation by administrators to become a member. 

Visible sphere
A visible sphere will be displayed on the organization's portal. 

Hidden sphere
An invisible sphere will not be displayed on the organization's portal. 

Change owners

It is possible to change the owner of a sphere. The owner can name new administrators in a sphere.

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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