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Choose a username (if the username is already taken, you will be notified by a message), fill in your first and last names, create a password, accept the terms of use, and you're good to go!

How to choose a username?

Your username (or login) is the name that will identify you on Whaller. It cannot contain any special characters or spaces.  

Usernames are unique, each user has one

Your username is the same in all your spheres, which is why we advise you to choose a relatively neutral name, such as your first and last names (or something close to this).

On Whaller, your username, first name and last name will be visible to other users. 

Your username will often be preceded by the "@" symbol: If your username is "marc73", you will be mentioned as "@marc73".  


Examples of good usernames: @patrice_dupont @jacques43 @ZelieMartin

Examples of poor usernames: @boss456 (too anonymous) @zyhhhr (difficult to remember) @Jean_Louis_de_la_Portiere_Gauche (too long) @JaCQueS (mixes upper and lowercase letters) @zezette (too personal)

Usernames are useful for mentioning people in messages, as well as writing personal messages.

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To log out, click on your avatar (top right of the page header). This will open a menu:

Close this session: Close Whaller on the computer you are using.

Close all sessions: Close Whaller on all devices (tablet, smartphone, computer,...) where a session was open. This is especially useful if you are using a shared computer or you left someplace without verifying that your session was closed.

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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