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On Whaller, you can create a survey* to gather feedback on projects, events, etc. from your sphere members.

Create a survey

Go to the message publishing field and select the “ Attach a survey ” icon.

Select custom options

When creating a survey, you can enable or disable the following options:

Anonymous survey: When a member participates in the survey, their vote will be anonymous to sphere members and administrators.

Instantly post the results after voting: Once a member submits their responses to the survey, they will have immediate access to the results.

Posting of results

Before the vote results can be:

- Invisible to everyone.

- Visible to you (the creator of the survey) and sphere administrators.

- Visible to all sphere members.

Types of questions

You can choose from three different types of survey questions:

- Multiple choice: Respondents can select their choice(s) from several pre-defined answers.

Note: You can also check to allow only one possible answer.

- Free text : Respondents can provide a personalized written response, with no length restrictions.

- Satisfaction : Respondents can give a rating ranging from "very unsatisfactory" to "very satisfactory".

Add new questions

Click on the “ + ” button to create additional questions.

Take a survey

- Multiple choice questions: Validate your response by clicking on “ Vote ”, then go to the next question by clicking on the arrow at the right.

- Free text questions: Write your response then click on the “✔️” icon.

- Satisfaction questions : Click on the sphere that corresponds to your level of satisfaction.

View survey results

According to the visibility settings defined when a survey was created, its creator and the sphere’s administrators can follow the evolution of responses by clicking on the “ See the responses ” icon.

Close a survey

A survey can be closed by its creator or the sphere’s administrators at any time by clicking on the “ Close voting ” button.

*Available from the Standard offer

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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