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Mobile App

Whaller has a web and mobile (or tablet) application available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. It will be accessible via your usual username and password.

Setting up mobile notifications

Once you have downloaded the application, you need to go to the settings of your device to allow notifications from the Whaller application.

To activate and customize the mobile push system, you need to connect to your account from the web application, click on your avatar and then on the "Notifications" tab. You can then go to the "Alert triggers" section to activate the push alerts.

NB: you can customize these alerts according to organizations and spheres.

The home page

When you connect to the mobile application, you are directed to the root page which shows all the networks of which you are a member.

At the top are your active spheres (1) : these spheres are the ones that are most active and contain your last unread messages.

All your networks (2) are listed below: the organizations are sorted alphabetically and show the associated spheres.

At the top right, you can easily "Create a sphere (3) via the associated button.

Finally, at the bottom of your screen (4), you can accept or decline your pending Invitations, access your notifications and your account (number of whallies, application version and logout button).

In a Sphere

When you enter a Sphere, the bar at the bottom of your screen gives you access to:

The list of members of the sphere (1)

The message publication thread (2)

Tools (Visio, Calendar, File Box) (3)

Sphere parameters (4)

The publication thread: private and public messages

To write a message, go to the publication box at the top of the sphere (where the text "write a message" appears).

Write your message and choose if you want to send it to members or privately (1).

If it is a private message, you should mention the person's ID thanks to the @ and select "Private" when publishing (2). Only the mentioned members will then be able to see and comment this message.

If you want all the members of the sphere to be able to see the message, just select "To members" and publish it (3).

The tools* of spheres

Via the tool menu of a sphere, you will have access to the videoconference room, the events calendar and the file box.

By clicking on the "BigBlueButton", you enter the videoconference room associated with the sphere (1).

The mobile application allows you to accept/decline an event and to consult the calendar and the events of the sphere (2).

The mobile application allows you to consult the documents filed (3).

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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