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Manage your notifications

There are many interactions on Whaller, which means potentially many notifications.

We recommend taking a few minutes to personalize your settings to choose how and when you would like to receive them.

In the “ Account settings ” section (accessible by clicking on your avatar), select “ Notifications ”.

Educational emails

Here you can enable or disable the reception of Whaller’s “educational” emails (newsletters, tips, etc.).

Delivery time

Select the days and hours when you would like to receive notifications (for new posts, comments, private messages). 

Email frequency

Decide if you would like to receive an email summary of unread messages daily, weekly, monthly or never. 

You can also choose the maximum number of notifications to receive per day (a notification for each message, maximum 2, 10 or 50 per day, none at all).

Alert triggers

Choose if you would like to receive an alert for new posts/comments or private messages by email and/or mobile push.

Note: If you have downloaded the mobile application, you will no longer receive email notifications, only mobile push notifications. 

These settings can be customized for each of your organizations and/or spheres.

Email destination

You can add multiple email addresses to receive notifications according to your organizations and/or spheres. 

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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