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Search for a message

It is possible to search for one or several messages in a sphere:

By typing the specific word you're looking for. In this case, the feed will be sorted with the closest words.

By searching by criteria (date, sender, tag, etc.) In this case, the list of messages displayed will be exhaustive.

Search by criteria

By date

All the messages created between two dates
create:[2017-07-01 TO 2017-08-01]
(from midnight to midnight)

All the messages created during a day
create:[2017-07-01T00:00 TO 2017-07-01T23:59]
create:[2017-07-01T00:00 TO 2017-07-02T00:00]

All the messages modified (meaning with a reply) between two dates
update:[2017-07-01 TO 2017-07-31]

With a tag

AND tag:MyTag

(This is case sensitive. If there is a space in the tag, use quotation marks).
You can search several tags by writing:
AND (tag:MyTag OR tag:MyLabel)

Private messages

AND private:true

Messages containing images

AND _exists_:picture

The opposite would be
AND NOT _exists_:picture

Replied to by

AND answerer:Username

(Case sensitive). The opposite would be
AND NOT answerer:Username

No reply

AND _missing_:answerer

Created by


An example of messages with the tag “MyTag” for July 2017: 

create:[2017-07-01 TO 2017-07-31] AND tag:MyTag AND _exists_:picture

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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