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Share files externally

Via the file box, it is possible to share a file with people outside the platform.
To do this, an option must be activated on the organization management pages and in the sphere settings.

Activate file sharing option

Organization level

To activate this option, a manager must go to the organization's management pages in the "configuration" tab, then to the "spheres option" section and activate the "File box: allow external file sharing" option.

Sphere level

To activate this option at sphere level, an administrator must go to the sphere settings and activate the "File box: allow external file sharing" option.

Once these options have been activated, any member of the sphere will be able to share a file with someone outside the sphere.

To share a file, click on "Share" via the three small dots,

Then click on "Create an external link".

From this modal, you can copy the file's URL (1) to share it with people outside the platform, and customize the link's parameters by setting an expiration date (2), protecting the file with a password (3) and/or authorizing download (4).

When someone outside the sphere clicks on the link, they will be redirected to a secure consultation or download page.

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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