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Administration of a sphere

A sphere administrator has access to the sphere administration pages via the 3 small dots on the right of the header bar.

From these pages, a sphere administrator can:

1/ Manage requests to enter the sphere

This tab allows a Sphere Administrator to manage users wishing to enter the Sphere. From this page, he can accept or refuse these requests.

2/ Access the sphere settings

The sphere settings will allow an administrator to :

Make the sphere visible or not on the portal

Customize your sphere (Name, Description, Logo, Color, Banner, Charter)

Restrict access and rights of members

Set the parameters of the messages

Make available or not the different tools

Set up notifications

3/ Manage pending invitations

This tab allows a sphere administrator to manage the invitation requests sent. From this page, he can invite people in the sphere, resend invitations (globally or individually) or delete them.

4/ Adding external feeds

The sphere administrator can add external feeds in a sphere. This allows to automatically publish messages according to the updates of a website.

To do so, it's necessary to add a feed (RSS/ATOM or Plussh Channel) and a title.

5/ Manage groups

See the article Groups of members in a sphere.

6/ Accessing Analytics

See the article Analytics.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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