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Internal portal

The internal portal is the showcase page of an organization, it can include: the directory of spheres, a calendar, CMS articles, widgets, etc.

Header bar

If the options are activated, the members will be able to find in the header bar the resources schedule, the badges and the store (1). They will also have access to the organization's public portal (2).


Below the header bar (4), a manager will have the possibility to add a banner to his portal, if no banner is added, the name of the organization will be visible.

To add a banner, the manager must go to the "Configuration" tab of the management pages of his organization via the gear wheel, then to the "Advanced graphic personalization" section and add a banner.

NB: In this same section, it is possible to add a background either by uploading an image or by defining a color.


By clicking on the pen icon "Edit widgets" (3) a manager can customize the fields (5), (6) and (7) of the portal with widgets.

The widgets added in the sidebar (5) will be visible anywhere from the different spheres of the organization.

In the central part (6), the manager can add as many widgets as he wants. He will also be able to add the spheres directory to allow his members to join the different spheres that make up the organization.

It is also in this part that the welcome article of the portal will appear.

(see Article CMS.

In the right part (7), a member will find an insert where will appear :

The total number of members of the organization

The manager of the organization

An access to the directory of members

A manager can also add widgets.

Here are some examples of internal portals of organizations:

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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