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Whaller lets you create organized social and collaborative networks.
Networks are built in the form of spheres and organizations. You can also link organizations together to give more structure and coherence.  

Federations are a way to arrange organizations (which contain spheres) in an arborescent manner. A network of federations is particularly adapted to large structures, for example:

a group and its subsidiaries

a sports league and its clubs

an association with branches in different territories

a public service with local agencies

How does it work?  
Below is an example of the Comité Hauts-de-Seine de Tennis, which is the "mother" organization of the club organizations. This arborescence appears in the left sidebar, allowing members to navigate from one organization to another:

Principle of entries and exits in a federation
Mother/ daughter organizations are dependent in a federation:

If a member enters a daughter organization, they automatically become a member of all of the above mother organizations.
Example above: If a member enters a local tennis club, he becomes a member of the mother organization (Comité Hauts-de-Seine de Tennis). 

If a member leaves an organization, they are automatically removed from all of the daughter organizations. 

These mechanisms make it easier to manage access rights across all organizations in the federation.

Can all members access all daughter organizations?
No, this depends on their rights.
By default, daughter organizations are displayed, but you can decide to hide them so that the whole arborescence is not displayed for everyone to see.  

Is the manager of a mother organization also manager of all daughter organizations? Not necessarily. You can set up a specific "governance" for each daughter organization. The managers can be different people. This allows independence and autonomy for daughter organizations.

How can I create a federation?
Federations are a paid option. To benefit from them, please contact Whaller's customer service at or via online support.

Can I add a preexisting sphere to a federation?
Yes! An organization can join a federation at any time.  

Can my organization be part of several federations?
No, this is not possible. An organization can only belong to one federation.

Can you mutualize profiles between all organizations in a federation?
Yes! This is one of the many benefits of federations. You can set up roles and custom profile fields from the mother organization, and apply them directly to all of the daughter organizations.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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