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Roles, rights and permissions management

Within an organization, roles have two main purposes: to facilitate the identification of members and to assign specific rights.

Roles are created and assigned to members by the organization manager.

More specifically, roles are used to:

Enrich the profiles of individuals with a function, position or name related to the organization

Visually distinguish groups of people by adding "buttons" attached to roles (visible on people's avatars in the spheres)

Mention a group of people of the same role in a sphere:
Either by clicking on the "@" tool under the message writing bar and selecting the desired role
Or by typing " @@role- ", the list of roles will be displayed in a drop-down menu

Assign specific profile fields only for certain roles ("Management > Roles & profiles > Custom profile fields") - (For more information, see the article Create a profile field)

Assign specific rights to a set of people ("Management > Roles & Profiles > Roles > Rights related to roles")

Manage "Permissions" according to roles, at the level of spheres and at the level of organizations within a federation.

Create and set up roles

From this page, it is possible to:
- Create a role (via the "+ Create a role" button on the right),
- Consult the existing roles,
- Add a role to one or more members,
- Edit (color, button, other options) or delete a role
- Make the choice of a role mandatory when invited
- Associate rights to roles (capture below)

From this menu, other options are available:
- Be able to select the role at the invitation
- Be able to select the role in analytics filters
- Allow managers of child organizations to assign this role in a federation.

NB: roles can be assigned to members in 3 ways: from the member management page, from the role management page or directly on the invitation.

To invite members with a role, two conditions must be met:

1 - the role to be assigned to the invitation must be set as "be able to select the role at the invitation" at the role level

2 - sphere administrators must have a role to which the "select a role for the invitation" right is attached

Permission management

At the sphere level

From the "Spheres" management page, click on the three small dots and access the "Permissions" section: users with one of the roles defined in the list you have entered will automatically be added to the sphere.

At the federation level

In the framework of a federation, i.e. a tree of organizations, go to the "Federation" management page and click on the three small dots to access the "Permissions": the users of the federation who have one of the roles defined in the list that you have entered will automatically be added to the organization.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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