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On Whaller, badges are a way to reward your members for their work, skills or contribution for example.

Create a badge

Creating a badge is an attribute of the organization's managers. To create one, go to the management settings, the "Settings" tab and then the "Badges" section.

By clicking on "Add a badge", a window opens where you have to fill in the name, the description (optional) and upload an image.

NB: You must make the badge active to make it visible in the organization and to be able to assign it.

Once the badges have been created, the manager will be able to find them and modify/delete them at any time by going back to the "Badge" section, clicking on a badge, then "Edit badge".

Assign a badge

Who can assign a badge?

A badge can be assigned by an organization's manager or a creditor.

The creditor is a role that allows the attribution of gifts, in the form of badges or points, to members of the organization.

To add the role of creditors to a member, a manager must go to the "Members" tab of the organization's management pages, then with the "Actions" button, click on "Add to assigners".

How do I award a badge?

To assign a badge, go to the message field of a sphere and select the "Give a gift" button in your message. By selecting "A badge", you will be able to choose between your different badges created beforehand.

All you have to do is tag the recipient member(s) and share the message to award the badge.

Find your badges

To find all the badges of an organization, go to the organization's portal and click on the "Badges" button. A member will then be able to see the badges obtained and the badges still to be obtained within an organization.

Via the top right button "See all my badges", a member will be able to find all the badges he has earned through all his networks. They can also access this page with the root page (home) and the "My badges" button.

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Updated on: 12/05/2023

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