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Administration of an organization

An organization manager has access to the administration pages of an organization via the gear wheel on the top right in the header bar.

From these pages, an organization manager can:

1/ Manage requests to join the organization

This tab allows a manager to manage the users wishing to enter the organization. From this page, he can accept or refuse these requests.
For more information, have a look at the following article: Request and invitation in a sphere or organization

2/ Manage members and visitors

See the article Members and Visitors.

3/ Manage and administer spheres

In this section, an organization manager will be able to access the spheres' settings with the same management and customization possibilities as the administrators on each sphere.

4/ Access to analytics

See the article Analytics.

5/ Access the settings pages

See the article Configure your organization.

6/ Manage roles and profiles

See the articles What are the roles and Create profile fields.

7/ Access the store management

See the article Store.

8/ Access the resource management

See the article Resource scheduling.

9/ Create and modify CMS articles

See the article CMS.

10/ Visualize your federation

See the article Federation of organizations.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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