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Audio spheres

On Whaller, you can start or join an audio conference* from within any sphere you are a member of (if the audio sphere feature is enabled).

Start an audio sphere

Click on the “ Audio sphere ” button in your sphere’s subheader.

Join an audio sphere

There are several ways to join an audio sphere that is already under way.

From your sphere’s subheader.

From the Whaller header.

Exchange with other members

Once connected to an audio sphere, a separate (movable) window will open allowing you to communicate with connected members, all while continuing to work on the platform.

From this window:

- See the number and list of connected members.

- Enable/disable your microphone.

- Leave the audio sphere.

Disable the audio sphere in a sphere

If desired, sphere administrators and organization managers can disable the audio sphere feature in their spheres.

- Go to the sphere’s settings.

- Scroll down to the “ Tools ” section.

- Disable the “ Audio sphere ” option.

*Available on the web version of Whaller, from the Standard offer

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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