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Collaborate with the Whaller 365 office suite

The Whaller 365 office suite (available from the Pro offer*) allows sphere members to view, create, modify and co-edit documents stored in a file box in real time.

View a document

You can view any document in a file box by simply clicking on it (no download necessary).

Note: Documents cannot be edited in the viewer.

Edit a document

There are two ways to begin editing a document:

From a document that is open in the viewer by clicking on “ Edit online ”. This will open the document in a new window and allow you to begin making modifications.

From the sphere box menu by clicking on the three small dots next to the document you wish to edit, then selecting “ Edit online ”. This will open the document in a new window and allow you to begin making modifications.

In Document Editor you can collaborate on documents in real time using two modes: Fast or Strict.
It's possible to choose the required mode using the "Co-editing Mode" icon on the "Collaboration" tab of the top toolbar:

Fast mode

The Fast mode is used by default and shows the changes made by other users in real time. When you co-edit a document in this mode, the possibility to Redo the last undone operation is not available. This mode will show the actions and the names of the co-editors when they are editing the text.

If multiple people are editing the document at the same time, their changes will appear instantaneously to all members, along with their name.

Strict mode

The Strict mode is selected to hide changes made by other users until you click the Save icon to save your changes and accept the changes made by co-authors. When a document is being edited by several users simultaneously in this mode, the edited text passages are marked with dashed lines of different colors.

As soon as one of the users saves their changes by clicking the Save icon, the others will see a note within the status bar stating that they have updates. To save the changes you made, so that other users can view them, and get the updates saved by your co-editors, click the Save icon in the left upper corner of the top toolbar. The updates will be highlighted for you to check what exactly has been changed.

Note: Any sphere member can edit a document. However, a document can only be deleted by its author (the person who created or uploaded it) or a sphere administrator.

Comment on a document

Highlight the text you wish to comment on, then go to the “ Collaboration ” tab. Once open, select the “ Add comment ” option and leave your comment.

To display all comments in the document, click on the “ Comments ” icon in the left-hand column.

Chat with other collaborators

To start a real-time conversation with other members working on the document, click on the “ Chat ” icon located in the left-hand column. This will open a chat window for you to write and send your message.

Save a document

By default, modifications are saved automatically as they are being made. If several members are working on the same document, modifications are saved when the last person editing closes it.

Rename a document

To rename a document in the file box, click on the three small dots next to it to display its menu. Select “ Rename ”.

Download a document

Documents can be downloaded in a variety of formats: DOCX, PDF, TXT, HTML,…

Select “File”, then “ Download as… ” and choose the desired format.

Create a document

To create a new document in the file box, click on the “ + New ” icon. A menu will open, giving you the option to create a new Word, Excel or PowerPoint file.

If you wish to upload an existing document, click on the " Import " button.

Pro: co-editing of Word documents_
Business: co-editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
Enterprise: co-editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents

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Updated on: 07/11/2023

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