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File-related conversations

On Whaller, it is possible to create conversations linked to a file present in the sphere box.
To do so, click on the "preview" of a file, then on "Conversations" via the top-right button.

By clicking on "+ new conversation", it is possible to send a new message attached to this file, either privately or publicly, which will be automatically published in the sphere.

All conversations associated with this file will then appear in the "Conversations" column.

It is also possible to create a conversation associated with a file directly from a sphere's publication feed. To do this, insert the file's internal URL into a message. This will be found via the 3 small dots to the right of the files.

Whether conversations are created from the "Conversations" tab or from the publication thread, they are listed in the "Conversations" tab.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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