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Create an event

On Whaller, there are two ways to create an event:

Attach an event to a message in a sphere

Write your message, then click on the calendar icon under the message field.

Personalize an event

When creating a new event, select its type (meeting, conference, party, etc.).

Fill in practical information like the name, date, time, place (optional) and set reminders (private messages sent to event participants).

Note: Dates/times will automatically adapt according to the time zone of each user (based on the time on their computer).

You can also choose from optional extras like the number of spots available or price.

If you have a account, you can link it to your account to allow participants to pay directly on Whaller.

Once the event has been created, members can accept or decline the invitation. The list will be updated automatically. If they change their mind, they have the possibility to modify their response later on.

Create an event from a sphere calendar

Go to a sphere’s calendar by clicking on the “ Events ” tab in the subheader.

Click on the desired date or on the “ Add an event ” button. Fill in the event details (type, name, date, place, reminder, etc.).

Inviting people from outside your sphere to an event

If you want to invite someone outside your sphere to one of your events, you must first associate a videoconference room.

After publishing, you have to click on the "Invite" button, copy the link of the event and share it with the person.

Please note that this person will not have access to your sphere, but only to the videoconference room associated with the event.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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