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FAQ - CMS Article

The CMS (Content Management System) is a feature that is part of the organization options. It allows you to customize your internal and external portals, with articles, images, videos, etc.

The "Frequently Asked Questions" is a type of CMS article that you can set up to facilitate the integration of your members by creating categories and/or FAQ questions.

Set Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s articles

As for the "classic" CMS articles, it is necessary to go to the administration pages of your organization, in the "CMS articles" tab, by accessing it :

either via the cogwheel,

or via the organization portal by editing the homepage article.

Then click on the "New article" button, define a title for your article (here "General information"), and select "Frequently asked questions (FAQ)" in the "Layout" section.

To see your FAQ appear as a tab in your organization portal, set the article defined as "the homepage of the internal portal" as the parent article of your new article.

Add questions

To add questions, click on "New article", define a title (1) which will be the question to be highlighted, select "FAQ question" (2) and choose the initial article (in our example entitled "General information") as the parent article (3).

You will then get a new "Frequently Asked Questions" article composed of sub-articles which are the questions themselves.

Please find an example below:

Each question is clickable and is an article in its own that you can personalize with text, images, links...

Organize your questions by category

The "FAQ Category" feature allows you to display several categories.

You can thus classify your questions in different categories. In the same way as for the creation of articles, you need to select "FAQ categories" in the "Page setup" section and define your FAQ as a parent article.

You can then add questions within each category. To do this, a question will be attached to a category, in other words, the parent article of this question will correspond to a given category.

Here is an example of an FAQ with 3 categories:

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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