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How can I add advanced security options to my organization (password policy)?

An advanced security option is available for organizations with the Business or Enterprise offers. An organization manager can reinforce the password policy for their organization*. This choice will automatically apply to all of their members. Members must change their password to comply with the new policy that has been put in place.

Organization managers can define/choose:

The password lifetime

The number of connections before renewal

The complexity of the password (the minimum number of characters and whether or not it must include a number, lowercase, uppercase or special character)

The duration of the reset token, which determines the length of time the password renewal request is valid. Once it expires, users will need to make a new request.

A member belonging to more than one organization will need to change the password for their account if one of their organizations has implemented the advanced security option with a higher required complexity than their current password.
Their account password must comply with the strongest password policy applied in their network.

*This options is only available upon request from one of the Business or Enterprise offer organization managers to the Whaller team or via

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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