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How can I enable/disable the history in a sphere?

If you enable the sphere history, new members will be able to view all posts (excluding private messages) since the sphere’s creation.
If you disable the sphere history, new members will only see posts starting from when they arrive in the sphere.
New members are informed as to whether or not the history is visible when they join a new sphere.

Note: You can modify the history setting as long as there are no members in your sphere. Once other members have joined, you can no longer change the history’s visibility.

To do this, go to your sphere settings:

After a member enters your sphere, this option will no longer be editable by sphere administrators. When new members join the sphere, they will be informed as to whether or not the history is kept. There is a kind of moral contract with the members that cannot simply be amended.

This choice is not irreversible, Whaller has the possibility to force the history publication upon the organization manager's request (or the sphere administrator in case of isolated spheres). Requests can be made by sending an email to

Note: If a sphere is attached to an organization, sphere administrators may not have the possibility to enable/disable the history. The organization managers may have chosen to enable/disable this option for all spheres attached to the organization.

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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