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How to associate a video conference room to an event?

On Whaller, you can link a video conference room to an event*.

Step 1

Click on the calendar icon in the publication space to create an event.

Step 2

Fill in the event details, then enable the " Associate a video conferencing room " option.

Step 3

Once the event has been posted, sphere members can click on the " Join the video conference room " button to gain direct access.

Inviting people from outside your sphere to an event

If you want to invite someone outside your sphere to one of your events, you must first associate a videoconference room.

After publishing, you have to click on the "Invite" button, copy the link of the event and share it with the person in question.

Please note that this person will not have access to your sphere, but only to the videoconference room associated with the event.

This feature is only available with the BigBlueButton conferencing tool.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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