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How to enable News spheres?

Organization managers have the possibility to activate "News" spheres* in their federation. The purpose of these is to share and highlight content on their members' root pages.

Enable News spheres

Step 1

Go to the "Spheres" tab in your organization's administration pages. Open the sphere settings of the sphere that you wish to highlight content from. Enable the "Display messages in News" option.

Step 2

Once the sphere has been selected, a window will recommend that you make your sphere open so that its content will be accessible to all members of the federation. You will also have the choice to restrict publications to staff members only (if the "restricted sphere" option is enabled in your federation).

Display of News sphere content

Content displayed in the "News" section of the root page is separated into 3 lines:

Line 1: Priority news from the mother organization's "News" spheres.

Line 2: Non-priority news from all related organizations AND not from favorited spheres.

Line 3: News from favorited "News" spheres. If no "News" spheres have been marked as favorites, this line will not appear.

Define a priority message

To define a message from a mother organization's News sphere as priority, select "**priority message**" via the "+" icon. This allows you to display your message in the news carousel on the root page.

The priority option can also be selected after a message has been posted, via the 🖋 editing icon.

The News sphere option is available uniquely with white label.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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