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What is the data legacy?

For the organization manager

Within an organisation, the organization manager can authorize the "message legacy"* from the management pages in the "Settings" tab and the "Other advanced options" section.

The message legacy allows messages written by a user to be saved when the user leaves a sphere or organization; this is done with the users' authorization (included in the charter if it is active) and makes the messages anonymous (there will be no. mention of the first/last name of the person in question).

For the user

The user can manage the data legacy from the "specific profiles" settings accessible by clicking on his avatar.

Authorize the message legacy

If you authorize the message legacy option, your messages "to members" will be made anonymous and will remain in spheres after you leave a sphere or the organization. This means that you will pass the content of your messages on to the organization. All of your private messages will be deleted and cannot be passed on.

Allow documents to be conserved in the file boxes

If you allow your documents to be retained, they will remain in the spheres when you leave a sphere or the organization in the future. This means that you will bequeath your documents to the organization and that the documents will still be available for viewing.

*Available from the Business Offer

Updated on: 02/01/2023

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