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How to include a personal video link?

On Whaller, an organization manager has the ability to enable the " Include personal video link in profiles* " option. Once enabled, organization members can customize their profile by adding a link to their personal video.

This personal video link can be useful if you don't want to use BigBlueButton and your usual video tool has a permanent video room feature.

As an organization manager

Activate the personal video link

Go to the management pages of an organization, click on the "Roles and Profiles" tab and select "Profiles",

At the bottom of the page, activate the option " Include a personal video link in the profiles ".

As a member

Personalize your profile* (if you are a member)

Go to your account settings from your avatar and click on the "Specific Profiles" tab.

Go to the personalization of your profile linked to the organization in question. Then, fill in the field with your personal video link.

Include a personal video link to a message.

Share a post that includes your personal video link by enabling the "Include my personal video link" option from the "+" button in the posting area.

Associate a video room to an event

To do so, create a new event from the publication space or from the calendar* (Available from the Pro offer).

When customizing your event, assign your videoconference room in the dedicated field.

Join a videoconference room

There are 3 ways to join a videoconference room:

From a member's profile (click on their avatar).

Please note: The member must have added a video link beforehand.

From a message

From an event

Available from the Business offer.

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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