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Information for the manager

On Whaller, each member has a mini-profile on which information such as a biography or personalised profile fields can be displayed.

As an organisation manager, it is possible to get more information about a member in the "information for the manager" section.

Pending entry requests

From the button "Pending entry requests", a manager can consult the entry requests made by the member in one or more spheres of the organization (1).

Pending invitations

From the button "Pending invitations", the manager can have an overview of the invitations - for which no reply was given - sent to the member (2).

Organizations and Spheres

From the button "Organization and Spheres", the manager can find all the spheres of the organization to which the member belongs as well as all the organizations and sub-organizations in the case of a federation (3).

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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