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Invite or add organization members to a sphere

Organization managers have the possibility to invite or add organization members to spheres quickly and easily from their management pages.

Step 1

Go to the " Members " tab then filter your search by selecting the sphere(s) that you wish to see the list of members of. You can also filter members by their roles.

Step 2

Once you have selected the sphere(s), a list of members will be displayed. Click on the " Select all members " button, or select members one by one.

Once you have selected the members, go to the " For the members selected " button and choose the option " Invite into a sphere " or " Add to a sphere ".

Invite members

If you choose to invite members to a sphere, a window will open to remind you which members you have selected. This also allows you to add other people by entering their email addresses or usernames.

You can then select the sphere in your organization in which you would like to invite members and customize your invitation.

Add members

If you choose to add members, you will have the option to include additional people (via their Whaller usernames) and select the relevent sphere. These organization members will be added directly to the sphere in question.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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