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Multilingual Content: Message, CMS and Charter

Multilingual content is available for messages, CMS articles and sphere and organization charts. Enabling multilingual content consists in offering several language versions of the same content: it will be displayed by default in the language of the user's account.

This feature is only available in the Enterprise Offer and must be set up by an organization manager.

Note: In the case of a federation, this option is top-down to allow all organizations to have access to it.

Activating the option

Go to the management pages of your organization, in the "configuration" section, then "spheres options". Activate the "Enable multilingual content" option.

Define the languages of your choice according to those available on Whaller (English, French, German, Spanish, Estonian, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Hungarian, Romanian and Dutch).

Write a multilingual message

Step 1

Once you have written your message from the posting area, select the language corresponding to your message and share it in the thread.

Step 2

Go to the "Choose a language" icon to manually decline the content in the other available languages.

Write a multilingual CMS article

Go to the "CMS" section to create your brand new multilingual article.

💡 Is this your first time using Whaller CMS? Follow the guide to create an article tree on your organization's internal or external portal: The CMS

Step 1

Write your article by selecting the original language of your article.

Step 2

Decline your article in the other languages defined beforehand in the management pages of your organization.

Remember to save your article before writing it in another language.

Step 3

Once you have finished writing, click on the "publish article" button and view the preview on the portal.

French version !

English version

Write a multilingual charter

In an organization or in a sphere, it is possible to define a charter in several languages, that the members will have to accept before entering. Each update of this charter will lead to a new validation to enter the sphere / organization concerned.

Within an organization

Go to the organization's management pages, in the "Configuration" tab, in the charter section, to define an organization charter in several languages.

In a sphere

Go to the settings of a sphere to define a charter in several languages for all the members of the sphere.

Available with the Enterprise offer.

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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