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Resource scheduling/ management

Resource scheduling is an organization option that lets you manage reservations for resources, within Whaller. For example: meeting rooms, vehicles, material, etc.

It appears in the form of a calendar on the organization portal, and can also be displayed in spheres.

Creating resources

To use the resource management function, you must first create resources. To do so go to "Admin", then "Resources". Click on the button "Add" and enter a label, a description (if necessary) and choose a color. 

The resource should now appear in the list of resources. You can always modify or delete it later if need be.

Reserving resources

To reserve a resource, simply click on the "Reserve a resource" button, located to the right of the resources (on the portal) and/or under the calendar.

A window will open to allow you to put a label, select the resource and choose the start and end dates and times. Fill in these fields and validate. The reservation will be displayed on the calendar.

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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