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Share a document

As an attachment

To share a document, you must first attach it to a message in a sphere. 

In the sphere, click on the icons in the "Write a message" field to discover everything that you can attach to your messages: documents, events, surveys, tags, ads, tasks,...

To attach a document or an image, click on the paperclip.  

You will then have the choice to share GIFs, documents from your computer, or from OneDrive and Google Drive. 

Once the documents are attached, share your message to publish them.

A message can include as many documents as you like.
Maximum file upload sizes depend on the offer:

Standard: up to 20MB

Pro: up to 150MB

Business: up to 1GB

Enterprise: large files

In the body of the message

It is also possible to integrate an image directly into the body of a text, thanks to markdown with the "Insert an image" button

Tip: to have a URL on an image, you can upload it in your sphere box then via the 3 little dots "Copy the source file URL", and paste it as the image URL

Updated on: 27/02/2023

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