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Networks on Whaller are made up of “spheres”. A sphere is a secure and independent space where members can communicate via public/private messages and work together using a variety of collaboration tools.

There are several different types of spheres to choose from, which allow you to customize your network according to your needs.

Classic sphere
A classic sphere is the most common type of sphere. It is private and sealed. Members must be invited to join to gain access.
Available from the Standard offer

Open sphere
An open sphere is a sphere that users can enter without needing to be invited. Any member on Whaller can access it.
Available from the Standard offer

Global sphere
A global sphere contains all members of an organization. Once a sphere is defined as a "global sphere" (on the organization's portal), all organization members will automatically be included in it, without needing an invitation. This is useful for quickly addressing the entire network.
Available from the Standard offer

Public sphere
A public sphere is open to everyone, even those not registered on Whaller. Anyone who knows the web address can enter.

Available from the Standard offer

Restricted sphere
A restricted sphere limits writing. Sphere members can only write to the designated sphere "staff" (defined by the administrators) via private messages, or leave comments on messages posted by the staff.

The staff can post messages visible to all members.

The members directory is hidden.
Available from the Business offer

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Visitor sphere
A visitor sphere allows members to invite outside actors (clients, providers, partners, etc.) to communicate and collaborate with them. Users who have been designated as “visitors” have limited rights.
Available from the Business offer

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Forum sphere
A forum sphere allows a Q&A format. Comments must be approved for publication by a moderator.
Available from the Business offer

Ephemeral sphere
An ephemeral sphere is a sphere whose archive date can be scheduled in advance.
Available from the Enterprise offer

News sphere
A News sphere provides a way to highlight content in a federation. It allows messages posted in it to be displayed on federation members' root pages.
Available with the Enterprise offer

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How to create a sphere

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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