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Store (and points)

The store allows you to sell items in Whaller. Organization members can purchase these items with points they have earned.

Activate the store

The store is an option available with Whaller's Business and Enterprise offers.

If you would like to benefit from this option, please send a request to

Members can access it via the portal by clicking on the "Store" tab.
A manager can create items in the store by clicking on "Products" in the menu.

Create a product

You can fill in the following information related to your product: 




If the product is new

Active or not


Title and description in another language

At minimum, a product must have a title and a price.  You must activate the product for it to become available in the store.

Products are listed in the "Products" section of the organization configuration. Here you can activate, modify or delete them. 

Buy a product


Products can be purchased using points that are awarded within an organization. Points are awarded to members by an organization manager or a creditor. 

A member can see how many points they have earned by going to the "Store" tab of the organization portal. The number of points spent is also shown.

A manager can see the transactions made within the organization in the "Points" section. 

The "Report" section is used to filter transactions over a specific period. It is also possible to export in CSV format. The "Search" section allows you to display the transactions of a specific user. The "Filters" section allows you to display all transactions, only expenses or only gains. 

In the organization members section, a summary of each member's points is displayed: the cumulative gain, the cumulative expenses and the balance of points.  


In the Store, members can see all items for sale. If they click on one of them, a window will open with more details. If the member has enough points, the button to buy the item will be clickable. They must then enter their password to validate the purchase.

The buyer will receive an email that confirms their purchase. Organization managers and sellers will also receive an email informing them of the sale.  

Process an order

Orders made are listed on the "Orders" page in the organization admin section. The status of an order can be changed by clicking on the "Process order" button. Its status will be changed to "Processed". 

Other options

Attributing rights

It is possible to name sellers, who can manage orders made in the shop.
In the members section, click on the "Actions" button, and select the "Add to sellers" option.  

"Reward" Option

Rewards let you quickly offer points to a member directly in a message.
A banner will be added to the message to signify the action.

To create a reward, go to the organization Admin section, then click on the "Points" tab. Choose "Types of rewards". Click "Add" to create a reward. You must provide a description and the value of the points. 

When preparing a message in a sphere, click on "Reward". This will open a window where you can select the type of reward. Click on "Reward", and the member will receive the associated number of points. You can also double the reward.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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