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Store (and points)

The store is a feature that allows you to offer items specific to your organization (such as goodies, pens, bags, notebooks ...) to members of your organization. These items are accessible via a points system.

The store is an option available from the Business offer. To activate it, please contact customer support at:

To access the store, each member can go to the organization's portal by clicking on the "Shop" button.

NB: a manager can delegate the management of the store and the allocation of points via roles with specific associated rights (Manage the store & Allocate points).

Shop management

Create a product

A manager can create items in the store via the "Shop" management page and then on the "Products" tab.

Several elements must be filled in to personalize each item:

The title - required * The description
The description
The price (points) - required * If the product is new
If the product is new
Make it active or not
Add one or more photos
Add a title and a description in another language

Via the "Actions" button, it is also possible to modify or delete each item.

NB: For the product to be available in the store, it must be activated in the Shop tab.

Buy a product

1/ Managing points and rewards

Products are purchased using points that are awarded within an organization. Points are awarded either by a manager or by a member who has the right to "Award badges and points".

Points history

A manager can view the transactions made in the organization in the "Points" section of the "Points History" by clicking on "View Transaction Details".

The "Report" filter allows you to filter the transactions over a given period of time. By clicking on " View ". It is possible to export to CSV format.

The "Search" filter allows you to display the transactions of a given user.

The "Filters" section allows you to display all types of transactions (awarded/expended)

Types of rewards

In addition, via the "Reward Types" tab, the manager can create rewards that allow him to offer

In addition, via the "Reward Types" tab, the manager can create rewards to quickly offer points to a member by clicking on "Add" and defining a title and a number of points associated with it.

Add/Remove Points:

In the "**Add/Remove Points**" tab, a manager can add and or remove points to a member of the organization.

2/ Allocation of points from a sphere

A manager (or allocator) can allocate points in 2 ways:

Via a message he/she writes, mentioning the member(s) concerned and clicking on the "Offer a gift" button.

From a member's message by clicking on the button " Reward " via the 3 small dots and by selecting the reward among those created in the management pages.

A banner will be added to the message to signify the action.

3/ The purchase

By clicking on the store, a member sees the items offered for sale. By clicking on one of them, a window opens and displays the details.

If a member has enough points, a "Buy" button will be clickable. You will then have to enter your password to validate your purchase.

An e-mail will be sent to the buyer to confirm his purchase. The managers and sellers (with the right to "Manage the store") of the organization will also receive an email to inform them of the sale.

A member's point total is shown above the items available in the store. In the upper right corner, it is possible to find the transactions made (earnings and expenses).

4/ Processing an order

To process an order, a manager (or seller) must go to the "Shop" tab, then to the "Order" submenu.

He can then change the status of the order by clicking on the "Process order" button. It will then change to "Processed" status.

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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