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To further customize your networks, you (as a sphere admin or an organization manager) can add widgets* to your spheres and organizations.

Sphere widget

Go to one of your spheres.

Click on “ New sphere widget ”.

Select and add the widgets of your choice.

Edit them at any time from the " Edit " menu.

Organization widget

To add new organization widget a manager can click on the organization portal and then "New organization widget" via the "Edit widgets" menu

Full list of widgets available on Whaller

HTML: allows you to insert pure HTML

Advertisement: allows you to create an ad for which you can see the number of views and clicks

Links: allows you to create a list of hypertext links

Image: allows you to insert an image

Sphere summary: displays the latest posts in a sphere

Video: allows you to display a video

RSS feed: allows you to display the latest news from an RSS feed, in the form of a SlideShare

Menu: displays CMS sub-articles allows you to display a

Resource reservation: displays the resource reservation calendar

Markdown: allows you to display content formatted with Dropdown

Newest messages dashboard: displays the latest messages in a sphere

iFrame: displays a link that opens the content of an iFrame in full screen

Twitter: allows you to display a Twitter feed

Media podium: displays a list of the most liked images and videos in a given sphere

Available from the Pro offer

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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